Types of Injuries That Can Occur at Amusement Parks

Accidents can happen even at amusement parks, and you may be able to file a lawsuit to cover certain damages if you can prove that the park was at fault.Compensable Personal Injuries Occurring at Amusement ParksThere is always risk involved when visiting amusement parks. Whether you choose to try the rides or engage in other [...]

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When Another Insurance Company Contacts You After a Crash

To receive a fair settlement after a car accident, one needs to be careful when speaking to different insurance companies. Only saying what is necessary and being cautious helps one get enough compensation for injuries and damages.Handling Insurance Companies After a Motor Vehicle AccidentIf you were injured in a Las Vegas car accident that someone [...]

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Negotiating Personal Injury Claims

Resolving a personal injury claim with an insurance adjuster usually involves negotiation and a review of the damages, and the amount one receives depends on several factors related to the incident.Settling a Personal Injury ClaimIf you were involved in a car accident in Nevada caused by another party, you can seek compensation. An attorney might [...]

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Steps of a Personal Injury Case

After an injury accident, a personal injury case will proceed through a few different stages while the plaintiff's attorney negotiates with the defendant's attorney and the insurance company in an effort to reach a settlement.After Your Injury: What to Expect With Your CaseIf you have been injured in an accident that was caused by another [...]

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How to Avoid a Boating Accident

Recreational boating is a relaxing outdoor pursuit, but boaters need to use caution when they are on the water. Boaters should drive carefully, avoid drinking and take a safety course.Three Ways to Avoid a Boating AccidentEach summer, thousands of Americans head out to beautiful lakes and rivers across the United States for a recreational boating [...]

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Federal Class Action Lawsuits and Consumer Fraud

Federal class action lawsuits represent a judicial remedy in situations where an individual may have suffered harm through consumer fraud, but the amount of harm is insufficient to warrant bringing a personal injury lawsuit. A federal judge must certify claimants as a class before the class action can commence.Are Federal Class Action Lawsuits an Effective [...]

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3 Reasons You Need a Lawyer After You Are in a Car Accident

Learn about what a law firm can do for you if you are injured or disabled in a car accident that was caused by a commercial or business driver. When the accident is not your fault, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries and damage to your property.Legal Representation After You Are Injured [...]

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Premises Liability in Personal Injury Cases

If you're injured while visiting someone else's property, they may be responsible for your medical expenses. Find out whether premises liability may apply in your case.Premises Liability: Slip and Fall CasesPremises liability is the idea that property owners are responsible for keeping their guests safe from hazardous conditions. Two classic examples are slipping on an [...]

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Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you reach a fair settlement.Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury AttorneyThe legal system is complex, which makes it difficult to navigate without an attorney. For example, some people do not file a lawsuit in time [...]

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