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Shock and injuries make it hard in the moments following a car accident to follow the recommendations of car accident lawyers Las Vegas. If at all possible, try to keep your cool. A positive outcome for your car accident insurance claim may rely on following these best practices. 

1. Stay at the Accident Scene When Injuries Occur

You do not want to be accused of committing a hit-and-run felony. You should assist other injured people unless you are too hurt yourself to do so. 

2. Call 911car accident attorney Las Vegas

Emergency medical technicians can evaluate injuries, provide treatment, or transport seriously hurt people to a hospital. Police should also respond to a car accident involving injuries. The accident report that an officer writes may include critical details useful to a car accident lawyer Las Vegas representing your case. 

 3. Move Out of Harm’s Way

If your vehicle is operable and you are able, it is best to move the car off the road. Continuing to obstruct traffic could cause additional crashes. In many accidents, however, this may not be possible for you. First responders will then manage the removal of wrecked vehicles and provide medical attention. Police officers will oversee this process and redirect traffic. 

 4. Get Medical Care

When your injuries are obvious and severe, an ambulance will take you to the hospital. Whether emergency medical technicians give you first aid, you should still go immediately to a clinic or emergency room for a medical evaluation. Like whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, many car accident injuries do not present overt symptoms in the first hours after an accident. Your adrenaline can mask the pain. Documentation about your injuries at the car crash time provides crucial evidence relevant to your upcoming insurance claim. Ask the physician to include thorough notes on your medical records.

5. Exchange Information With the Other Driver

You and the other driver will need to tell each other your contact and insurance information. Because you likely have a smartphone, take a picture of the other driver’s license and ask for a telephone number. If asked if you are injured, say you can’t answer until you get a medical opinion. Do not say you’re OK because an insurer could use this statement to deny your claim. Keep in mind that some injuries are not immediately apparent. You could have a concussion and not grasp the problem at the time. 

    car accident lawyer Las Vegas6. Collect Evidence at the Accident Scene

Smartphones are beneficial for this process because you can take pictures or record video. Be sure to note the date and location. Ask witnesses if they will give you a statement or provide their contact information. Take a picture of the other vehicle’s license plate and ask for the VIN. This number will be on the insurance card or registration document. The VIN is also visible through the bottom of the windshield unless the area is badly damaged. Ask the responding police officers for their names as well. 

     7. Inform Your Insurer About the Accident

Your auto insurance policy surely requires you to report accidents as soon as possible. Provide the details that you have collected to meet your contractual obligation as a policyholder. 

As for the other driver’s insurance company, you do not have to speak with that company. Nevada personal injury attorneys strongly advise against talking to a third-party insurer without legal guidance. Although your honesty is essential, the way that you frame your responses might be viewed as an admission of fault or partial fault. 

 8. Report the Accident to Authorities

If law enforcement did not respond to your collision, you need to inform the State within ten days when an accident causes injury, death, or property damage. This is the form for making an official Nevada accident report

  car accident lawyers Las Vegas   9. Do Not Admit Fault

Car accidents are naturally upsetting, and many people feel the immediate need to apologize for what happened. Any car accident lawyers Las Vegas will emphasize that you should not apologize or admit fault. The determination of fault needs to be based on facts and not feelings of regret or your interpretation of a traumatic event. Nevada personal injury law operates under the concept of comparative negligence. Any fault assigned to you can reduce your settlement. If your fault exceeds the other party’s responsibility, then you cannot collect on that person’s insurance.

10. Make a Record of What Happened

It would help if you wrote down or recorded a video explaining what you recall of the event as soon as possible. Any detail could be relevant and help a car accident lawyer Las Vegas complete a thorough investigation. 

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