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When most people are in a car accident, it often seems their primary concern is getting their vehicle fixed. Many times, injuries go unaddressed for several days or even weeks because the victim hopes the symptoms will resolve without requiring medical care. Insurance companies know this and will often make an extremely small settlement offer within days or even hours of an accident.

Hiring a lawyer takes away all the guesswork and the burden of dealing with insurance companies and constant calls from insurance adjusters. At Moss Berg Injury Lawyers, we will take that burden off you so that you can deal with recovering from your injuries.

It is important to remember that insurance companies are for-profit businesses and are only interested in saving money as their duty is to their shareholders. They want to pay you as little as possible for your injury claim.

Car insurance also plays a big role in auto accident cases. Most people don’t pay for all of the damages from a collision out of pocket, as car insurance may pay to repair some of the damages, or in some cases, may pay to replace the vehicles involved.  Many people are led to believe that they have full coverage, but there is no such things as full coverage.  There are many different types and policy limits amounts differ with every insurance policy. The main types of insurance coverage include liability, underinsured/uninsured or UIM/UM, medical payments coverage, umbrella coverage and lost wages coverage when an injury causes a disability that prevents the injured victim from returning to work following a car wreck.

Accidents involving motorcycles and trucks are handled differently. Damage after a collision with a commercial vehicle is often more complicated because the company that owns the vehicle may be held liable in addition to the driver.

The first thing we do is investigate the insurance coverage that is available to you for your injuries. Our experience allows us to find coverage that many inexperienced attorneys are not able to identify. Many times, lawyers who practice criminal law, family law or bankruptcy law think that they can easily handle a personal injury claim, but they fail to identify the available coverage.

At Moss Berg Injury Lawyers, our goal is to ensure that our clients’ injuries are identified and treated immediately following an accident. We make sure our clients receive the best available medical treatment and all of the compensation they are entitled to as a result of their accident.

Once your doctors release you from medical treatment and you return to your pre-accident status, we will make sure that the at fault party compensates you for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering as well as any additional future medical treatment you may need.  Arriving at a dollar amount is not easy, but that is where our many years of experience come in. We have settled, gone to court, and gone to trial for our clients and we will give you the advice you need so that you can make the decisions that are best for you.

If we are not able to get the insurance company to make a fair settlement offer, we will file a lawsuit and push forward until the insurance company steps up with a fair and reasonable settlement offer. If they continue to refuse to pay you what your case is worth, we will go to trial for you and let a jury decide. Most insurance companies are scared to go to trial. At Moss Berg Injury Lawyers we are not afraid. We know what juries will do and we will advise you properly so that you know what to expect.

If you are hurt in an automobile accident, call Moss Berg Injury Lawyers immediately so that you can get the proper advice to take on the insurance companies.

What if I am injured and I am the passenger and the driver of the car was at fault for the accident?2018-08-14T10:28:47+00:00

You can still make a claim. As a passenger, you are considered “fault free” and you can make a claim with the insurance company for the driver of your vehicle as well as the driver of any other vehicles involved in the accident.

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