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Three Breeds Responsible for Over 1 in 4 Dog Bites

More than 4.5 million people are bitten by a dog annually in the United States. While some people are lucky to walk away with only a minor cut, almost 900,000 require medical care. While dog bites are always nerve-wracking, they can sometimes result in the need for long-term medical care as nerves can become severed. Occasionally, they can even result in death. Some breeds of dogs are much more likely to bite than others.

Labrador Retrievers

According to the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs, the Labrador retriever is the dog most likely to bite people. In fact, they are responsible for over 598,000 bites annually. Most of these attacks occurred at the front door or in the front yard. They often resulted in puncture wounds, scarring, nerve damage, although a few extreme cases had to have a body part amputated because of a labrador retriever bite.

Pit Bulls

While pit bulls make up only about 6 percent of all dogs, they make up almost 52 percent of all deaths caused by dogs. Over 230 people die of pit bull attacks every decade. If you find yourself injured by a pit bull or have a family member killed by one, then realize that often homeowner’s insurance will pay you for damages done if you hire an aggressive attorney.

German Shepherds

While the German shepherd is the second most popular breed of dog in America, over 351,000 people are bitten by them annually. Part of the reason is that German shepherds tend to be very aggressive, and it is a trait that breeders often see as highly favorable because of this dog’s use in police and military work. Additionally, they are very territorial, so they will often bite in an effort to protect their territory.

If you have been bitten by a dog, then you should seek immediate medical attention. After receiving care, then contact a personal injury attorney. You have two years in Nevada to file a claim, but people who start the process as soon as possible are often more likely to win their claim.