motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas

Visibility is a massive problem for motorcyclists. The numbers illustrate the danger clearly. Out of all motorcycle crashes, 41% occur because drivers did not see the motorcycles, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Blind spots are part of the visibility problem, and bikers must be hypervigilant against the threat. Getting hit on a motorcycle due to a blind spot can inflict serious injuries, including brain damage or paralysis. While contending with hefty financial damages, these victims could face intense scrutiny from insurers hoping to reduce settlements. Motorcycle accident attorneys in Las Vegas insist on fair treatment for victims who deserve compensation for their injuries.

motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas

Blind Spots Are Everywhere
Commercial trucks, passenger vehicles, and motorcycles all have blind spots. A blind spot is present at the rear of any vehicle where a driver cannot see in a mirror or without turning the head to look.

The vehicle’s exterior shape and interior design create blind spots for the operator. These are the most common sources of blocked visibility:

  • Vehicle shape
  • Window pillars
  • Headrests on seats
  • Limitations of mirrors

Different vehicle models have different blind spots. Someone driving an unfamiliar vehicle could have a greater chance of failing to check a blind spot due to unawareness of the problem. When driving an unfamiliar vehicle, great care should be taken to check blind spots before lane changes. Everyone has a responsibility to turn and physically look into blind spots, and failure to do so introduces legal liability for an accident victim’s losses. A motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas may cite evidence of blind spot negligence when representing a victim.

Vehicle design and mirror limitations are not the only sources of blind spots. Drivers can have their view of the road impeded by:

  • Nighttime darkness
  • Fog, snow, or rain
  • Blowing dust
  • Road merge areas
  • Roundabouts
  • Blind corners where roads intersect at weird angles

How Motorcyclists Protect Themselves From Blind Spots

Motorcyclists have to accept that other cars have trouble seeing them. Most bikers actively work to enhance their visibility and reduce their vulnerability. In fact, a motorcyclist weaving between lanes is not necessarily acting recklessly, and the person may actually be trying to stay out of drivers’ blind spots in heavy traffic.

Top tactics for avoiding blind spot motorcycle accidents:

1. Ride like no one can see you.

The smaller sizes and lower profiles of motorcycles are more difficult for drivers to see. This reality makes defensive driving especially important for bikers. They need to do everything possible to stay out of a crash due to the high risk of suffering bad injuries or even becoming disabled.

2. Practice finding other vehicles’ blind spots.
When motorcyclists approach vehicles from the rear or the side, they should picture whether the driver can see them. The biker can actively avoid entering those high-risk areas by framing the ride in terms of other drivers’ blind spots.

3. Pass quickly.

motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas

Motorcyclists inevitably have to pass vehicles. When this move is necessary, a biker should act decisively and complete the pass quickly.

4. Wear light-colored, high-visibility gear.
Blazing red, vibrant orange, or neon yellow may not necessarily be the favorite colors of motorcyclists. Motorcycle gear often comes in these bright colors and white because they enhance visibility.

5. Use safe speeds within tight turns.

motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas

A curving road forms a roadway blind spot. You can’t see everything ahead, and opposing traffic probably can’t see you coming. This is why bikers should enter turns cautiously. A traffic problem will require a rapid change of course to avoid a wreck, and high speeds make avoiding the crash difficult or impossible.

6. Take a motorcycle safety course.
Bikers who refine their riding skills have a greater capacity to react effectively when things go awry.

7. Drive slower at night.
Motorcycles have fewer lights than larger vehicles, and many motorcycles are darkly colored, making them difficult to see in the dark. Because the night only worsens visibility problems, bikers can protect themselves by reducing speed.

8. Maintain safe following distances.
Experienced bikers try to keep themselves apart from traffic as much as possible. They seek space on the road to be far away from blind spots or erratic vehicle movements.

Are Blind Spot Accidents Difficult to Prove?
The causes of some motor vehicle accidents are straightforward and obvious, and others accident cases have evidence that might be open to interpretation. The insurer responsible for paying damages will exploit issues to lessen the amount that must be paid or avoid paying altogether.

In a blind spot motorcycle accident, the physical damage indicates where the vehicles are connected, which offers clear evidence of whether or not a blind spot was involved. However, the question of whether the driver failed to check a blind spot or the motorcyclist merged into the space at the last second can arise.

An accident attorney in Las Vegas could overcome doubts about what happened by collecting as much evidence as possible. This could include tracking down:

  • Video footage of the accident from nearby surveillance cameras or dashcams
  • Witness testimony
  • Conclusions written in a police report
  • Testimony from a crash reconstruction specialist

Because every statement a victim makes will come under scrutiny when an insurer is confronted with large medical bills, motorcycle accident attorneys in Las Vegas caution clients against speculating about what happened. By their nature, crashes are unexpected, chaotic events, and victims might not know who was in error or what happened. An objective assessment of the facts based on evidence is the best way to establish fault and liability.

Get Legal Advice About Your Motorcycle Accident
Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling mode of transportation that connects the rider with the open air. This feeling of freedom comes at the cost of significant physical vulnerability. Many bikers are badly hurt or disabled due to the negligent inattention of other drivers.

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motorcycle accident attorney in las vegas