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Suing for Inadequate Building Security

Those who own and maintain buildings have an obligation to provide adequate security for those who are in the building. Here are some factors to consider if something has happened to you while in the building and you want to bring suit.

The Right to Security Depends on Several Things

While there is an obligation for building owners to provide security, how much security that must be provided is dependent on several factors. For example, the location of the building can dictate the amount of security that must be provided. Buildings that are located in high-crime areas may require that the owner provides for more security. Additionally, some types of businesses may require more security than others. For example, a bank or another business where money is located may require a higher level of security for those inside.

The Building Owners’ Policies Matter

Owners cannot simply haphazardly provide premises security. If something happens in the building, their policies may be an issue in a lawsuit. You will want to see the building’s procedures. Then a competent personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can examine these procedures to see if they are adequate. Then, you will want to make sure that the building owner has followed these procedures in providing security on the premises. These procedures should touch upon all areas of both running the building and who is in the building.

The Conditions When You May Sue

Inadequate security lawsuits are filed when there is something that a third party does in the owner’s building. This could be when you are physically attacked in a building by an intruder or another assailant. Another example could be when there is a bank robbery, and the robber injures a customer of the bank. These lawsuits are filed with the understanding that the owner of the building has an obligation proper care to protect those who are inside the building. Even though the criminal act is not committed by the building owner, they can be liable if they did not do enough to prevent them.