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In order to provide proof of your injuries and treatments after an accident, you will need to collect and maintain certain types of paperwork. Your lawyer will use these documents in order to build your case and take it to court or engage in a settlement.

Three Types of Documents Needed for a Personal Injury Claim

When you have experienced a personal injury at work, on someone’s property or as the result of an auto accident, you may need a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to represent you and protect your rights. In order to assist your attorney, you will need to collect and provide certain types of documents that are related to your injury and medical care. These documents will help with the building of your case.

Details of the Accident

If there were witnesses to your accident, keep a written list of their names, phone numbers and other contact information. Your legal representative may subpoena the witnesses in order to get a corroboration of your account of what happened. If police were on the scene of the accident, the officer’s information and a copy of the police report will also be essential to your case.

Receipts for Repairs

In the event of an auto accident, your property may have been damaged. If you paid out of pocket for any repairs to your vehicle, save the receipts. You may also need receipts related to your loss, such as the cost of a rental car while your own vehicle was in the auto body shop. If your car was totaled, you may need a rental car until you are able to replace your vehicle. Keep all of these receipts and give your legal team copies.

Medical Records

You will need to sign a medical release so that your lawyer can get a copy of your medical records. In some cases, the medical release may need to be extended to the other party’s legal team as well. Keep copies of your appointments, medical bills and any treatments you received. Save copies of your pharmacy and medical supply receipts.