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Motorcycle accident attorneys Las Vegas aid people injured on the road, but a proactive approach to motorcycle safety may protect you from the pain of a crash. Everything in this guide can help you improve your safety skills as a new motorcyclist.


1.Select an Appropriate Motorcycle for You


Motorcycle safety begins with the vehicle that you pick out. Different motorcycle models suit different purposes, such as commuting to work, touring, or riding on a closed track. You also need to select a model meant for someone of your height and size. 


2. Wear Protective Motorcycle Gearmotorcycle accident attorneys las vegas


Ideally, you’ll wear as much protective gear as possible. Although safety gear cannot prevent all injuries or death, it can substantially reduce the severity of injuries and even help you walk away from a wreck. 


Nevada law requires you to wear a helmet. The importance of wearing a helmet on a motorcycle cannot be emphasized enough. Full face shield helmets with eye protection are the best. 


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that helmets prevented 1,872 deaths in 2017. In addition to saving lives, the federal agency estimated that helmets lowered economic costs related to medical care, legal support, insurance administration, lost productivity, and property damage by $3.5 billion. When you need to recover economic damages after a motorcycle crash, a motorcycle accident attorney Las Vegas can advise you. 


Although helmets are a necessity, safety experts encourage you to wear more protective gear, including:


  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Motorcycle jacket
  • Motorcycle boots
  • Motorcycle suit


Protective clothing shields your body from painful road rash injuries. Sturdy boots prepare your feet for the demands of riding. Gloves improve your grip so that you can control your motorcycle more effectively. All protective gear lessens the impact of flying pebbles, debris, and insects that will strike your body. Whenever possible, select high-visibility colors for your gear. 


3. Practice Riding


You’ll have to learn many driving skills as a new motorcyclist. Take the time to invest in training. The Nevada DMV requires you to pass a written test and a motorcycle driving skills test to acquire your motorcycle license. The state also accepts credentials from classes approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 


 Motorcyclists need to master:motorcycle accident attorneys las vegas


  • Leaning
  • Braking and turning
  • Shifting
  • Counter-steering
  • Looking ahead


If you know any experienced motorcyclists, you can learn by riding with them. Seasoned bikers can recommend routes that gradually let you develop your skills. They can coach you and teach you good practices, like following outside, technique when riding through curves. This method reduces the curve of your path because you enter the curve on the outside of the lane, travel the curve on the inside of the lane, and then exit on the outside again. 


A primary skill that you should acquire is to look where you want to go at all times. This is fundamental to motorcycling. 


motorcycle accident attorney las vegas4. Maintain Distance From Other Vehicles


Keep at least 2 seconds of travel distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. If you’re closer, then you won’t have time to avoid a crash when something unexpected happens. 


Be very wary of tractor-trailers. Move away from them, and don’t allow vehicles to creep up too close behind you. When riding with other motorcyclists, leave a minimum of 20 feet between you and their motorcycles. 


5. Plan Escape Routes


As you continually monitor traffic, always form a plan for where you will go if you have to evade hazards. With your body exposed on a motorcycle, you need to stay one step ahead of possible problems. A threat will inevitably arise on the road, and a preplanned escape route could spare you from needing to consult a motorcycle accident attorney Las Vegas


6. Don’t Assume Motorists See You


Motorcyclists are smaller than passenger vehicles. Other drivers will not see you. Do not expect someone to see you and respond appropriately when you pull out or turn. 

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7. Perform Vehicle Safety Checks


A mechanical failure can easily undermine the driving skills of even experienced motorcyclists. Before riding, make sure that your motorcycle is safe to operate.




  • Tire condition
  • Lights
  • Clutch and throttle
  • Mirrors
  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Fluid levels 

motorcycle safety8. Monitor Weather and Road Conditions

Although Nevada provides many clear days for riding your motorcycle, you should cancel rides when the weather is windy, wet, or icy. If caught in bad weather, you may need to pull over or at least slowdown. 


9. Stay Alert and Sober


Drowsiness or intoxication threatens drivers of all vehicles. Because riding your motorcycle requires attention to detail and quick responses, you should never ride when drowsy or after using alcohol or drugs, including some prescription medications. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 31 percent of motorcyclist fatalities in 2018 involved alcohol use. 


Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims and Lawsuits


Safety guidelines can help new riders avoid accidents, but the unpredictability of other drivers may still leave you hurt and in need of compensation. The motorcycle accident attorneys Las Vegas at Moss Berg can answer your questions and plan how to pursue a settlement from the responsible party. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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