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A visit to Las Vegas connects you with fun and excitement. However, large crowds, heavy traffic, and glitzy attractions produce some safety hazards. Every pedestrian accident attorney Las Vegas has stories about vacations that ended in hospitals. Follow this advice to improve your safety and have a great visit to our unique city. 


Understand the Hazards of Exploring Las Vegas


 The famous Las Vegas Strip, or Las Vegas Boulevard as it’s technically known, attracts millions of visitors every year into a nearly 5-mile stretch of casino hotels. Big crowds on foot coming into contact with out-of-town motorists create a situation with a heightened risk of accidents. Add in bicyclists, and the results keep injury lawyers Las Vegas busy. 


  1. Distraction


 Major distractions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers are:


  • Bright lights everywhere
  • Amazing buildings
  • Occasional celebrity sightings
  • Film crews
  • Street-level attractions and performances


 When people take in the sights, they often fail to pay attention to traffic signals or see pedestrians or vehicles. At the end of 2020, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau attributed close to 70% of the city’s 42 pedestrian deaths to pedestrian errors. 


  1. Intoxication


 Calling Las Vegas a party town is a bit of an understatement. With 24-hour alcohol sales and legal cannabis sales, intoxication plays a role in some accident cases. Anyone investigating a case of personal injury Las Vegas should strive to determine if intoxication was a factor. 


  1. Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration


 Southern Nevada is a hot desert. If you’re walking around the city, you need to limit your exposure to the triple-digit heat. Even when the temperature is not above the century mark, the dry desert air will draw moisture out of your body rapidly. 


  1. Pickpockets and Muggers


 Although local police and hotel security personnel work hard to protect visitors and locals, large crowds invite pickpockets to operate. Tourists who wander off the beaten path could also become vulnerable to assaults by thieves. 


 Now that you understand what could go wrong, learn how to keep yourself safe and have a good time. 



Touring the Strip on Foot Safely


 Most people opt to explore the famous Las Vegas Strip on foot. You get the freedom to wander from casino to casino. You can stop to eat, drink, or play games at any point. You can shop for luxury goods or souvenirs easily and take in free shows outside casinos. 


 Overall, the convenience of walking the Strip is hard to beat. You won’t have to search for parking or get bored sitting in a car stuck in traffic. 


 Keep in mind that you might cover many miles over a day or night. To prepare for a great day of exploring:


  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2. Wear a hat if going out during the day to shield you from the desert sun
  3. Take frequent breaks inside venues to cool off
  4. Carry a water bottle or buy drinks frequently to combat dehydration
  5. Use designated crosswalks
  6. Obey traffic signals
  7. Look both ways before entering the street regardless of what traffic signals indicate
  8. Use pedestrian bridges


 Pedestrian bridges are your best bet for avoiding the traffic hazards at the city’s busiest intersections in the heart of the tourist area. In 2019, a new bridge connected the T-Mobile Arena and Showcase Mall. Other bridges will protect your travels at Tropicana Avenue and between the MGM Grand and New York, New York casino hotels. 


Exploring Off-Strip Attractions


 Las Vegas goes far beyond the bright lights and action of the Strip. Off-Strip casino hotels and other attractions are throughout the city. Las Vegas is a large city, and you should not expect to walk to off-strip locations. The long hikes in the heat could threaten you with exhaustion and dehydration. You could also enter unsafe areas away from the scrutiny of hotel security and local police. 


 Plan safe exploration of the city by:


  1. Renting a car or hiring rideshares
  2. Asking hotel staff what neighborhoods to avoid, especially after dark
  3. Checking online reviews of off-strip attractions for tips and warnings
  4. Sticking to bicycle trails if using a bicycle


 Las Vegas has several excellent bicycle trails that offer clear and dry routes throughout the year. When using them, carry water, take breaks if you get too hot, and avoid remote lanes after dark. 


 Bicyclists traveling on the city’s streets will face the same dangers as pedestrians. Distracted drivers, mostly tourists unfamiliar with the city, frequently hit riders. When this happens, advice from a bicycle accident attorney Las Vegas sets a victim on the path to recovering financial damages. 


Plan for Safety and Get Help If Something Goes Wrong


 A little caution and preparation go a long way toward protecting you from the hazards that upset people’s vacations here and in other big cities. If you suffer injuries in an accident while visiting our city, you can consult our experienced injury lawyers Las Vegas. We work hard at Moss Berg Injury Lawyers to build strong cases against negligent parties and challenge uncooperative insurance companies. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.