A car accident attorney Las Vegas


A car accident attorney Las Vegas helps you identify all of the expenses related to your wreck. That one moment of bad luck produces hidden costs that can keep coming for weeks, months, or even years. You often have a right to claim many types of damages beyond your initial medical bills and lost income.


A car accident attorney Las Vegas1. Towing Service

The cost of the tow truck was probably the last thing on your mind, especially if you were badly injured. Depending on where the accident occurred and the size of your vehicle, the tow could cost hundreds of dollars. You may also owe salvage yard fees. A car accident lawyer can investigate whether your insurance covers this expense.


2. Vehicle Rental

Some insurance policies pay for vehicle rental and some don’t. Either way, you need something to drive while your vehicle undergoes repairs. If your vehicle was totaled, then you may need a rental for days or weeks until you obtain a replacement vehicle.


3. Rehabilitation Therapy

You’ll know the cost for your emergency medical care, hospitalization, and initial treatments within weeks or months of the accident. However, you may require ongoing rehabilitation therapy for many more months. Rehabilitation services will likely be needed especially if you were immobilized in bed for a long time during recovery from broken bones. Reconstructive dentistry or cosmetic surgery to address disfigurement is necessary in some cases. An accident attorney familiar with long-term accident recoveries may advise that you delay settling a case until you can reasonably account for rehabilitation expenses.


4. Loss of Items in the Vehicle A car accident attorney Las Vegas

A crash could destroy valuable items in your vehicle, like a laptop computer or child car seats. Values for laptop computers range from hundreds of dollars to over $1,000. You might have spent $200 on a pair of child car seats. Manufacturers recommend replacing car seats that were involved in an accident. You likely have a right to claim the value of these lost items when pursuing compensation for your accident.


5. Child Care Expenses

Your injuries may have prevented you from providing child care. If you needed to hire someone to care for your children or send them to daycare unexpectedly, then you had to make immediate out-of-pocket payments. When valuing your claim, a car accident lawyer Las Vegas can explain to the responsible party how this expense resulted directly from the accident.


6. Automobile Loan

As any accident victim will tell you, the bills just keep coming even when you’re unable to work or run your business. An insurer pays the value of a totaled vehicle, not what you owe on a loan. If it looks like you will be stuck with an outstanding loan balance, talk to an accident attorney. This could be a legitimate expense that you can claim against the party responsible for your accident.


A car accident attorney Las Vegas7. Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering represent a noneconomic damage. That means you don’t have a receipt for the precise cost as you would with a medical bill. As a result, the value placed on pain and suffering is quite subjective. To pursue this expense, a car accident lawyer would highlight the intensity and longevity of your pain or mental distress. Serious car accidents can produce post-traumatic stress that reduces your quality of life.


8. Vehicle Repairs

A damaged vehicle may be repaired relatively quickly but not all after effects of a collision are immediately apparent. Vehicles are complex machines with metal that could experience stress fractures or sensors that go haywire. When problems start arising after the initial repairs, it could be that the damage was deeper than anyone realized at first. You may want a second mechanical evaluation of your vehicle before accepting a settlement for the first round of repairs.


9. Diminished Vehicle Value

Even if your vehicle was thoroughly and successfully repaired, it now has an accident on its record. This is a big red flag for used car buyers, and they will expect to pay less for the vehicle. Modern vehicles generally operate for many years, and their used value can be considerable. Investigate this cost when claiming your damages because it could amount to thousands of dollars.


10. Medical Co-Payscar accident lawyer

While your insurer and the other driver’s insurer discuss your medical bills, you may be paying out of pocket for various medical services. Your ambulance ride represents a big expense that your insurance may or may not cover. The support of a car accident lawyer Las Vegas can help you figure out what insurers should reimburse you for.


11. Higher Automobile Insurance

When you’re not at fault for your crash, your insurance premiums usually won’t increase, but it could. Insurance companies vary in how they treat these situations. If you seek damages from the at-fault party and not your insurance, then your rate should not be affected. A car accident attorney Las Vegas can investigate this issue for you and recommend how to proceed with your claim.


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