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Taking Action After Getting Injured at a New Year’s Party

Many people enjoy attending a New Year’s Eve party, and one of the highlights of the evening is the champagne toast. When you are attending such an event, it is the responsibility of the host and bartender to ensure that people are not served alcohol to the point of inebriation. If you are injured as a result of someone at a New Year’s Eve party having too much to drink, it is important that you contact Las Vegas injury attorneys to find out how to protect your rights.

Slip and Fall Accidents While Drinking

If you are the one who had too much to drink, try to document what happened and how you were injured. If you slipped and fell because you lost your balance, the host or bartender may have some responsibility for your injuries. When your injury resulted from someone else who drank too much and fell into you, that person, as well as the bartender and host, may bear responsibility.

Spilled Drinks on the Floor

At any party, it is possible that someone will spill his or her drink. If you step into it and fall, causing an injury, the host might have some responsibility. Try to document what happened, such as where on the premises you fell. Take photos and get witness information about the state of the floor, steps, or place where you fell.

Drunken Driver

When your injuries are caused by a drunken driver while still at the party location, multiple parties might be responsible for your injuries. Be sure to file a police report. Your attorney may be able to request blood alcohol level results and other information pertinent to the situation.