by tfarino



What to Do If You Get Hurt While Volunteering

Many people spend some of their free time volunteering for a charity or a local nonprofit organization. Perhaps you pick up litter, help build houses, serve food for the homeless or deliver food to elderly or invalid people. If you get hurt during your volunteer duties, consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas in order to learn more about your rights under Nevada laws.

Consider the Circumstances

There are many circumstances in which you could get hurt while performing volunteer work. If you were picking up litter by the side of the highway, and a driver hit you, the responsibility would be with the driver, not the nonprofit group. If you were building houses, and a person was careless with a nail gun and injured you, assigning responsibility could be more complicated. The liability might lie in the individual, equipment or another entity.

Nonprofit Groups and Liability

When you sign up to volunteer for an organization, you may be asked to sign a waiver that absolves the group of any legal liability for any injuries or accidents you incur as a volunteer. Before signing anything, it is a good idea to talk with a lawyer. If you already signed an agreement concerning waiving liability, it is a good idea to speak with an injury attorney to find out what types of recourse you may have.

Good Samaritan Laws

In some cases, good Samaritan laws might apply to your situation. The good Samaritan law might shield the nonprofit group from liability if you get hurt while doing work for them. If your actions cause someone else to get hurt while you are volunteering, the same good Samaritan laws might apply to you and the group.