by tfarino



What to Do After Mouth Injuries from an Electric Toothbrush

When you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, you expect to enjoy efficient cleaning of your teeth. You probably do not expect to experience a soft tissue injury, palate damage or damage to a tooth’s restoration. If any of these happen to you while using an electric toothbrush, consider consulting with Las Vegas injury attorneys to learn more about your rights.

Seek Dental Care

Prompt dental care could help to minimize the injury or damage to your mouth’s soft tissues, palate or your tooth. If the toothbrush caused a cut, you might need antibiotics or stitches. If part of the toothbrush broke off and lodged in your esophagus or airway, you may have had to seek immediate emergency treatment followed by dental care to check for tooth and mouth damage.

Search for Manufacturer Information

Find out if your electric toothbrush was under a manufacturer’s recall. If you registered your product and never received a notice about the recall, you might have a case against the manufacturer of the device. If there was no recall, contacting the manufacturer or having an attorney do it and make a report about your injury. It is possible that the brush was defective and a recall may need to be issued.

Seek Legal Assistance

Emergency dental care could be costly, and you could be left with ongoing treatment needs. In such cases, it is important to protect your rights under Nevada’s laws for personal injuries. Your medical records, treatment history and the toothbrush itself may all be important for an attorney to consider in whether or not you have an injury claim against the manufacturer of the toothbrush. An injury lawyer may be able to represent you if you have a case against the toothbrush company.