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Conditions That Can Increase the Likelihood of a Fall

Most people don’t intend for customers, guests, or others to get hurt while they are on their property. Most people who are on someone else’s property don’t intend to slip or fall either. However, accidents can be hard to predict, and that is why it is important to know what may lead to their occurrence. Knowing why falls happen can help you take steps to stay safe.

Falls May Happen on Wet Floors

If water is leaking from a pipe, it could lead to water pooling on a shopping center floor or in a residential basement. That water could freeze or otherwise lead to slippery floors that can cause significant injury to someone who falls. If you see water or other liquid on a floor, take time to clean it up or alert someone else to its presence so that it can be removed. In lieu of cleaning up the mess, the area could be roped off to prevent anyone from walking through it.

Falls Happen When You Can’t Interact With Your Environment

It is hard to avoid an obstacle when there is inadequate lighting in a home, store, or warehouse. Improper lighting could result in someone not seeing an extension cord or improperly laid carpet on the floor. It can also be difficult to avoid falling in an elevator if you can’t see the buttons that you need to push. Instead of pushing the button for the ground floor, you could accidentally push the emergency stop button and come to a crashing halt.

An Attorney May Help Injured Victims

One of the first things that a personal injury victim may want to do is talk with an attorney. Contacting Las Vegas injury attorneys may make it possible for a person to hold the party or parties at fault responsible for the damages.