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Can Insurance Companies Request Your Phone Records in The Event of an Accident?

Can Your Insurance Company Request for Your Phone Records Before an Accident? Although insurance companies rarely ask for them when you purchase an insurance policy with them, if you get into an accident, they may request phone records. The court in your case may request phone records. Here, you may have to give that to [...]

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Information on Racial Profiling in Car Accidents

Racial Profiling in Car Accidents: The Latest Trends Racial profiling is a very important issue. It is especially important when it comes to car accidents. In this article, you can find information for those of you who are curious about the latest trends. Racial tensions seem to be at a boiling point in the United [...]

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COVID-19 Update- We Remain Open and Are Accepting New Clients

Pursuant to the Governor’s order, we have half the office working remotely and the other half at the office with appropriate social distancing and sanitization practices. Our top priority is keeping our office a safe and healthy environment for both our staff and our clients. Our office is open by appointment only and we are [...]

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Can Injury Lawyers at Moss Berg Help With the Issue of Insurance Car Trackers?

Insurance Car Trackers: Should You Use Them? Insurance car trackers are increasingly finding their place among modern-day car owners. As such, personal injury court tussles are particularly a specialty for the injury lawyers at Moss Berg. If you weigh the pros and cons of an insurance car tracker, you should go for it. What Do [...]

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What Is Pain and Suffering, and What Kind of Compensation Can You Expect?

When You Can Seek Compensation for Pain and Suffering Pain and suffering is a common term used in personal injury cases. You may be wondering, what is pain and suffering and if you are able to seek compensation for it. These are common questions people have after an injury. What Is Pain and Suffering in [...]

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The Most Important Things You Need to Know for Eliciting Sympathy from a Jury

Tips for Eliciting Sympathy from a Jury Although the court reminds jurors to not allow sympathy to affect their judgment, it's virtually impossible for humans to not allow their emotions to influence their judgment. You can bet the plaintiff or defendant are going to make appeals to a jury's sympathy themselves. Thus, you don't want [...]

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Tips on How to Force an Insurance Company to Settle

Getting Insurance Companies to Settle: The Top Three Strategies After being injured during an accident, you need to focus on trying to obtain an insurance settlement. Taking the right steps will ultimately help you to obtain adequate compensation. Let’s take a look at the best ways to get an insurance company to settle. Gather Evidence [...]

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Why Immediately Seeing a Doctor After an Accident Matters

Why Immediately Seeing a Doctor After an Accident Matters Seeing a doctor after an accident is important for your health and making a potential personal injury claim process go smoothly. You won't always feel pain or discomfort after an accident because of the adrenaline and endorphins that were released in your body. Pain may also [...]

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