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What Are the Most Common Las Vegas Injuries?

Our injury lawyers in Las Vegas have seen many kinds of accidents. Las Vegas has many swimming pools and an active nightlife. This situation contributes to drowning accidents, slips and falls, pedestrian accidents, and even assaults. As a result, some types of injuries are prevalent in the area. When injuries are burdensome, you can [...]

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11 Top Firework Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

How to Show Up on Google in 2021 An injury lawyer in Las Vegas works with people who have suffered injuries due to recklessness. For some reason, fireworks tend to embolden people to act recklessly. Too many people dismiss the hazards of fireworks despite their well-documented potential to cause harm. [...]

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Las Vegas Injury Law: Boating Safety Tips for New Boat Owners

Our injury lawyers in Las Vegas want you to stay safe on the water this season. Becoming a new boat owner likely represents the attainment of an exciting personal goal. You're eager to leave your daily cares onshore and enjoy the freedom and fun of the open water. For the most part, recreational boats [...]

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Most Common Injuries From a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident

  The unfiltered connection with the road and nature that you enjoy on a motorcycle are exactly the same things that make it dangerous. You don't have the structure of a passenger vehicle to insulate you from a crash. Your physical exposure on a motorcycle enables many types of motorcycle injuries, and these are the [...]

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Las Vegas Teen Driving Tips and Restrictions

  Learning to drive is an important life skill. Your teen driver will be eager to achieve the independence that comes with being a licensed driver. Inexperience, however, places a teen at a heightened risk of a traffic accident. Prepare your teen for success and safety with these teen driving tips.   Emphasize the Dangers [...]

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Accident Attorney Las Vegas: 11 Hidden Costs of a Car Wreck

  A car accident attorney Las Vegas helps you identify all of the expenses related to your wreck. That one moment of bad luck produces hidden costs that can keep coming for weeks, months, or even years. You often have a right to claim many types of damages beyond your initial medical bills and lost [...]

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Guide to Navigating a Car Accident Caused by Recalled or Defective Car Parts

  A car accident lawyer typically works to prove negligence, but the gears may shift a bit when defective car parts are to blame for a wreck. A malfunctioning vehicle part that causes injury represents a product liability case. Instead of filing a claim with an automobile insurance company, you will seek damages from a [...]

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How to File a Personal Injury Claim in Las Vegas

  A personal injury claim does not start with a lawsuit. In fact, a whole insurance claim process precedes a lawsuit, which you hopefully won't need to do. Even if litigation is not needed, you may still benefit significantly from the representation of a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas.   Basic Steps of a [...]

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What Should I Do If I Think I Have A Concussion From An Accident?

Concussions arise from blows or jolts to the head or neck. The impact jiggles or shifts the brain inside the skull and results in a traumatic brain injury. Most victims recover fully, but the risk of dangerous complications or long-term disability exists. You should never ignore signs of a concussion after an accident.    Seek [...]

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How to Determine Who Is At Fault For A Car Accident

Collecting compensation after an automobile accident relies on evidence that shows who was at fault for the crash. Insurers and courts interpret evidence to determine who acted negligently and bears responsibility for financial damages. A car accident lawyer aids this process by organizing evidence and communicating how it favors your position.    Sources of Evidence [...]

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