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Who Is Liable for Accidents With Self-Driving Cars?

Technology companies developing self-driving cars, also known as autonomous vehicles, tout their potential for eliminating human error from the traffic equation. Although self-driving vehicles may ultimately outperform human drivers, accidents cannot be realistically eliminated. A vehicle without a driver, however, will change the legal landscape for injury victims. The resulting insurance claim may look [...]

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Is My Child’s School at Fault for a Playground Injury?

Children love to romp on playgrounds, but unfortunately, bad accidents can happen. Every year, over 200,000 children require treatment at U.S. emergency rooms due to playground injuries. Most events are purely accidental and do not rise to the level of legal action. Among those cases caused by unsafe conditions or negligence, a school, manufacturer, [...]

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Should I Negotiate My Car Accident Settlement Myself?

When you are the victim of a car accident, you may assume that you have a strong position and can successfully negotiate your settlement by yourself. You might be right under certain conditions, but you should not discount the benefits of representation from a car accident lawyer Las Vegas. Consider the following advice before [...]

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What To Do If You Have Been in an Uber Accident

Las Vegas locals and tourists appreciate getting around town with Uber rides. Summoning a ride with a phone app is easy, but, if you end up in an Uber accident, then the situation quickly becomes complicated if you need compensation for your injuries. Depending on what happened, you might encounter insurance issues on steroids. [...]

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Top 2021 Car Safety Features

Safety features in automobiles have a long history of helping people survive accidents and minimize injuries. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that seat belts saved nearly 375,000 lives after U.S automakers were required to include them in all models starting in the 1960s. Since then, 21st-century technology has ushered in a host [...]

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Most Common Las Vegas Bar and Casino Injuries

Busy public venues like casinos, bars, and nightclubs set the scene for many types of accidents and injuries. The companies running these establishments have a legal duty to keep their properties reasonably safe for guests and visitors. When things go wrong, injury lawyers Las Vegas take action to prevent businesses from sweeping misdeeds and [...]

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What Are the Most Common Las Vegas Injuries?

Our injury lawyers in Las Vegas have seen many kinds of accidents. Las Vegas has many swimming pools and an active nightlife. This situation contributes to drowning accidents, slips and falls, pedestrian accidents, and even assaults. As a result, some types of injuries are prevalent in the area. When injuries are burdensome, you can [...]

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11 Top Firework Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

How to Show Up on Google in 2021 An injury lawyer in Las Vegas works with people who have suffered injuries due to recklessness. For some reason, fireworks tend to embolden people to act recklessly. Too many people dismiss the hazards of fireworks despite their well-documented potential to cause harm. [...]

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Las Vegas Injury Law: Boating Safety Tips for New Boat Owners

Our injury lawyers in Las Vegas want you to stay safe on the water this season. Becoming a new boat owner likely represents the attainment of an exciting personal goal. You're eager to leave your daily cares onshore and enjoy the freedom and fun of the open water. For the most part, recreational boats [...]

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Most Common Injuries From a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident

  The unfiltered connection with the road and nature that you enjoy on a motorcycle are exactly the same things that make it dangerous. You don't have the structure of a passenger vehicle to insulate you from a crash. Your physical exposure on a motorcycle enables many types of motorcycle injuries, and these are the [...]

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