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The actions you take immediately after an accident may determine how successful your lawsuit will be if you’re injured and decide to take legal action.

Making Smart Decisions After an Accident

Getting into an accident is scary, but it’s even scarier if you’re injured. Not only do you have to worry about medical expenses, but you’ll have to take time off of work too. If you’re ever in an accident, avoid these common mistakes that could result in a loss of compensation. When you’re unsure of the right steps to take, it’s a good idea to call Las Vegas injury lawyers for the best advice.

Not Making the Right Phone Calls

The first call to make is to the police. It doesn’t matter how minor the accident is or how apologetic the other person is; having a police report on record will make any claims easier, especially if the other party decides to change their story to avoid having to pay. Never simply exchange information and let the other person go. You may not know if they’re drunk, driving on an expired license or providing inaccurate information.

If you wind up with an injury, don’t try to navigate the system alone. Calling an attorney is something you should do soon after the accident. The experience of a lawyer might be able to get you significantly more compensation than doing it alone. An insurance adjuster can be tricky to deal with, and an injury lawyer knows how to negotiate with them.

Watch What You Say

Accidents are emotionally charged, but it’s critical to watch what you say. Admitting fault is a great way to end up getting no compensation. You should never apologize for the accident or say it’s your fault. Even if you think it’s your fault, it’s possible that it wasn’t entirely your fault. Make sure to not say that everyone in the car is fine. If the other driver is very upset, it’s tempting to tell them everyone is fine, but this could work against you in the future. Remember that injuries don’t appear right away; you should always seek medical attention before assuming everyone is fine.

The steps you take after your accident can work in your favor. Gather evidence, make the right phone calls and always seek medical attention even if you think you aren’t hurt.