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Nightclub Injuries and Bar Negligence: Know Your Rights

A night at the bar watching the game with friends or celebrating a birthday at a nightclub should be all fun. No one expects to get injured or hurt. Accidents can happen, however, or you might find yourself in the middle of an unexpected altercation. If you are injured, you need to know your rights under Nevada law.

Assaulted or Injured by Bar Patrons

You’re in a nightclub when a fight breaks out and you, an innocent bystander, are injured. Alternatively, you’re in a bar and another patron who’s had too much alcohol physically assaults you. When things get out of hand in a bar or nightclub, you could get hit by flying glasses or bottles, be injured from falling tables, chairs or fixtures, or get cuts and lacerations from broken glass. This can be both a civil and criminal case. Be sure to make a police report, get medical treatment and document your injuries.

Assaulted or Injured by a Bouncer or Bar Employee

You could also be injured by bar employees, including bartenders and servers or bouncers and security personnel. This is not uncommon when security is removing unruly patrons. You could get injured in a physical altercation between bouncers and patrons. Or, they could mistake you as the culprit and attempt to physically remove you, causing injuries. To protect yourself and preserve your rights, make a police report and make a report to the bar or nightclub’s owner or manager. Also, document your injuries and get the proper medical attention. Do not sign any waivers or accept any settlements from the business before speaking to a personal injury attorney.

Making a Nightclub Injury Claim

While you may not be able to sue a bar or nightclub simply because some patrons got too drunk, there are laws that require establishments to provide adequate safety for patrons. Additionally, the business may have some responsibility for the actions of their employees. Even if you were intoxicated, you still may be entitled to some compensation if you were hurt or harmed. The most important things you can do are document the incident to the best of your ability, gather names of witnesses, seek medical attention for your injuries and make a police report. Be sure to document any personal property damage and lost income if you had to take time off work because of your injuries. Finally, be sure to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to help you make sense of the various laws that pertain to your injury claim and get fair compensation from the responsible party.