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How to Prevent Getting Hurt While Biking

Dealing with a personal injury is never fun, so it is best to try avoiding sustaining one in the first place. With cycling, you are not protected as you are when in a vehicle, therefore you must follow certain bike rider safety procedures to keep yourself safe. Wearing the proper safety gear along with following the rules of the road can keep you from having to call a personal injury lawyer.

Bike Rider Safety 101: Wear Your Safety Gear

Having clothing that is reflective or brightly colored is a good way to make sure drivers can see you even when the weather is a bit cloudy. However, your helmet is one piece of safety gear that may just save your life. Cycling gear, like helmets and knee pads, can help to absorb a lot of the impact if you are involved in an accident. And because head injuries are extremely dangerous, you should always wear a helmet whenever you ride your bike.

Make Sure You Know the Rules of the Road

Since bicyclists must follow the same laws as motorists, make sure that you are familiar with the traffic laws. Always ride in the same direction as traffic, and remain alert of potential hazards in your immediate surroundings. When turning, be sure to use hand signals, and before you enter traffic, look left, right and then left again.

What If You Need a Lawyer for a Personal Injury?

If you are trying to prove that you were injured at the fault of someone else, your safety practices will come into play as well. Just like when driving a car, it is important that you obey the rules when cycling as well. By riding with the flow of traffic, using the proper hand signals, et cetera, you can avoid getting into a bicycle accident or at least reduce your chances.