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Can Your Insurance Company Request for Your Phone Records Before an Accident?

Although insurance companies rarely ask for them when you purchase an insurance policy with them, if you get into an accident, they may request phone records. The court in your case may request phone records. Here, you may have to give that to them. Sometimes it is stated in your policy that you need to give phone records should they request them. You should make sure you understand your insurance policy totally before signing it.

Car Theft, Fire Damage, and Fraud

The insurance company may further their investigation in cases that involve fire or theft. If you are suspected to have committed car theft or fire damage, the insurance company you hold a policy with may try to conduct an interview to determine who is actually eligible for financial compensation. Your insurance company may also have suspicions that you have committed fraud, depending on the incident. In this case, they may request for your phone records and/or other related documents to help aid their investigation.

Court-issued Subpoena for Phone Records

If the court suspects you took part in distracted driving, they may issue a subpoena to get your phone records from your phone company. Your phone company will probably provide your location and the exact time for when the accident happened. Still, try to find out why they are inquiring for one before you submit your information. The usage of cell phones accounts for 1 in 4 accidents in the US; however, your insurance company still generally needs your consent to in order to get your records. If the court determines that cell phone usage is the primary cause of an accident, your rates may rise.

Legally Protect Yourself

Should you get into an accident where you are at fault, you should probably get represented by an attorney. This is especially true if the person you hit had serious injuries or died. Injury lawyers may help guide you through the process.