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When a Car Accident Leads to Wrongful Death

Death is an unavoidable part of living, but sometimes death comes too soon because of the negligence of others. If someone dies because of the fault of another’s negligence or recklessness, their loved ones might be able to claim losses from the at-fault entity. Here is everything to know about a wrongful death claim due to a vehicle accident as well as getting help from a personal injury lawyer.

Negligence From Manufacturers

An excess of100 wrongful death cases were filed against General Motors after the identification of faulty ignition switches. Such defective ignition switches made vehicles suddenly turn off and caused a lot of loss of control with vehicles. The ignition shut off meant the airbags were useless which caused many unnecessary and unfortunate deaths.

Factors such as blowouts, faulty brakes or defective airbags can all cause an upsurge of wrongful death claims. Manufacturers might be quick to disregard safety measures to sustain a high-profit margin at the expense of safety. The costs connected to these extreme methods are always desolating in the long term.

Driver Negligence

Someone else’s driving behavior can also point to a wrongful death claim. When a person is performing dangerous maneuvers or driving at high speeds, it can easily lead to a fatal incident. Drunk driving distracted driving often produce fatal accidents as well. This kind of reckless behavior might seem innocent, but in one split second these selfish inclinations can mean an innocent life is no longer with us.

All drivers on the road owe the people around them their duty of care. This means that every driver should act in a way any responsible driver would. When a driver does not maintain this level of driving and a severe accident happens as a consequence, he or she may be held liable for wrongful death claims.