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Anyone who goes to a sporting event may be putting themselves at risk for certain injuries. These injuries may be caused by negligence, rowdy behavior or other unforeseen circumstances.

Injuries That Can Happen to Fans at Sporting Events

If you enjoy going to games to see all the live action, you might be putting yourself at risk for certain injuries. Although it is rare to become injured as a fan at a sporting event, you should be aware of the potential dangers you may face while enjoying the game. If you do happen to get hurt, you can consult with injury attorneys to see if you are eligible for any type of compensation.

Foul Balls

Foul balls are a common occurrence at baseball games. There are cases where people have become injured from being struck by foul balls that were hit into the stands. You can try filing a lawsuit against the baseball team or stadium if you become injured this way.

Fan Fighting

Fans who become too impassioned with their favorite team’s victories or losses may become rowdy and want to start fighting with others in the stands. Injuries can happen from flying fists, thrown objects and stampedes. If you can pinpoint the individual or people who were responsible for your injuries, you can possibly pursue criminal charges and a lawsuit. You may also be able to sue if the arena did not provide adequate security or failed to take other measures to keep the melee from happening.

Auto Race Crashes

Spectators at auto races are susceptible to flying shrapnel from vehicle crashes. Even with the safety barriers that are usually in place, there have been instances where vehicles have veered off the track and crashed into the crowds. The drivers, event organizers and even vehicle manufacturers may be held liable for fan injuries.