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The Types of Injuries Experienced in a Car Crash

Even a minor car accident can cause a person to experience significant injuries. While a person may break a bone or feel pain in any part of the body in the aftermath of a crash, the dynamics of a collision mean that some injuries are more likely than others. How badly a person is hurt in an accident may determine the level of compensation awarded in a personal injury case.

Head Trauma Typically Occurs in a Car Crash

Head trauma can occur in a number of different ways. For instance, if an air bag fails to deploy, it can result in the head slamming against the dashboard. A concussion or traumatic brain injury, or TBI, could also take place if a person is thrown out of the vehicle and lands against pavement or other hard surfaces. Finally, head injuries may happen if glass or other debris lacerates the skin or otherwise become embedded within the eyes, nose or neck.

Sprains and Strains Occur Frequently in Car Crashes

The human body is not equipped to handle sudden or unnatural movements. In a car crash, a person’s neck may be violently pushed forward before being jerked back almost instantly. A person who has stiffness or tightness in the neck most likely has whiplash. Ligaments in the shoulder, back or legs could also be stretched or strained in the immediate aftermath of a car crash.

Not all Injuries Are Visible Immediately

A person who has been hurt in an accident should seek medical help immediately. In some cases, victims may have a concussion, whiplash or brain injury and not even know it. The longer it takes to diagnose an injury, the harder it can be to reverse any damage that has been caused. Therefore, it is important to speak with a doctor prior to contacting a personal injury attorney to discuss the legal recourse an accident victim may have.