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Understanding where and who provides the quality air your breath gives insight into liable parties and what should be done. If you think your health has been affected due to polluted air, seeking a lawyer to represent your personal injury case may be useful.

Considerations for Air Quality and Injury Liability

Air quality has a direct link to your health. As such, understanding air quality, how it affects you, and injury liability all things to be aware of. Take control of understanding health due to polluted air and be better equipped if you or someone else have inadvertently been put at risk due to the air that has been breathed.

Air Quality and Your Health

Air pollution doesn’t always affect your health in an acute way, making it sometimes more difficult to recognize that it is adversely affecting your health. Long-term exposure to polluted air can result in decreased lung function, degradation of lung capacity, and development of lung diseases. However, there are acute symptoms and effects and include coughing, irritated throat or chest, and damaged cells in the respiratory system.

Where Are You Likely to Experience Poor-quality Air?

Air pollution can be found both indoor and outdoor, at your residence or at the workplace. Outdoor air quality is likely due to combination of weather and location whereas indoor air pollution is likely a function of the HVAC system and how well it filters potential pollutants. If in the work place polluted air can also become an easily identifiable liability as the location is directly linked to where a person works.

If the location you are at often or visit can be directly linked with a degradation in your health, and the owners or operator does not provide appropriate personal protection equipment, then liability can be linked to that location and owner. Knowingly putting another person at risk of due to inadequate availability of protective equipment is punishable.

What to Do If You’ve Suffered an Injury or Illness Due to Polluted Air

If you believe that you’ve suffered an injury or illness due to poor quality air in or around a location that is not an open public space, then it may be time to consult a personal injury lawyer. Seeking professional assistance helps ensure the best outcome if seeking compensation.