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Mistakes That Could Reduce a Personal Injury Payout

If you have been hurt in a car accident, workplace accident or outing with friends, you could be compensated for your injuries. However, parties that are liable for paying damages after your accident will want to give you as little as possible. Therefore, they will look for any piece of evidence that could reduce their liability or eliminate their obligation to pay.

Make Sure to Follow Through With Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

It is important that you see your doctor immediately after your accident. It is also important that you follow any treatment plan that he or she provides. This could include returning for regular exams or getting physical therapy. By not following your treatment plan, the defendant in your case could argue that your injuries are not as severe as you make them out to be. Failing to seek treatment at all could make it easier to claim that your injuries occurred at another time or in an incident not involving the defendant.

Don’t Talk With an Insurance Company on Your Own

An insurance company representing the doctor who made a surgical error is looking out for its own interests when it asks to settle the case as quickly as possible. The same is true if you are contacted by another driver’s auto insurance provider or a company’s liability insurance company. Before starting settlement talks, it is generally a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer first to ensure that your interests are protected.

Don’t Make Comments on Social Media

It is critical that you refrain from making comments on social media. If they are found by the defendant’s lawyer or by an insurance company representative, they could be used against you. The same is true if you send text messages or other messages that can be saved and presented as evidence in court.