by tfarino



Types of Damages From a Failed Medical Device

When you receive a medical device such as a copper intrauterine device or something else that is fitted inside of your body, it is possible for that device to injure you. In some cases, medical device manufacturers only discover after the fact that the devices could be harmful to a person’s health. If your health has been adversely affected by a faulty medical device, your injury lawyers may be able to help you receive one or more of these types of compensation.

Emotional Distress

When your body is harmed by a faulty medical device, the whole situation could leave you with considerable emotional distress. You may feel depressed or anxious about your circumstances. You could be fearful of what the future holds for your health and well-being. Sleep loss, changes in appetite and fear of the unknown could all negatively impact your daily life. Your lawyers may be able to petition for compensation related to your pain and suffering or your distress.

Loss of Consortium

Some courts allow you to request damages for a loss of consortium. If a medical device such as an intrauterine device caused you to have a loss of consortium, you might be entitled to compensation. In some situations, the damages caused by a loss of consortium are awarded to your partner or child. Your lawyer may be able to advise you about how this process works.

Loss of Enjoyment

If your injury causes you a loss of enjoyment of your hobbies or recreational activities, you might be entitled to receive compensation. For example, if you used to be an avid horseback rider, but your injuries make riding horses impossible, you might be able to receive compensation for your loss of enjoyment. These types of damages are related to your day-to-day, non-work-related activities.