by tfarino



What a Negligent Wrongful Death Suit Entails

When an elder loved one enters a nursing or rehabilitation facility, their family expects the staff to be caring and conscientious. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. Injury attorneys see it all the time. Unfortunately, a family in the Las Vegas area is dealing with a case of extreme neglect that led to death.

A Family’s Nightmare: Post-Op Rehab Leads to Death of a Loved One

In 2016, a family in the Las Vegas area checked their 80-year-old mother into a post-op rehabilitation facility. A little over a month later, she checked back into the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with septic shock, multiple infections, dehydration and organ failure. Sadly, she passed away.

Adding an expensive insult to injury, the grieving family received a $35,500 bill from the allegedly negligent rehab facility. In the end, the family opted to fight back and filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

Nursing Home and Rehab Neglect Leads to Las Vegas Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, nursing home and rehab neglect could lead to wrongful death. It is hard to believe, but unscrupulous places have been known to hire unqualified staff who do not correctly medicate patients and shirk responsibilities. Legal options are available to the families of those who have been abused or neglected. Those families, like the one in Las Vegas, may decide to file a lawsuit against the negligent facility or professional whose behavior led to the wrongful death.