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Several things must be demonstrated before liability can be proven when you’ve injured yourself in a slip and fall.

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall claims are one of the most common cases that Las Vegas injury lawyers handle. Slip and fall cases are only legitimate torts, however, if the dangerous conditions that led to the injury were caused in part by negligence of the property owner.

Who’s to Blame for a Slip and Fall

In some instances, establishing fault in a Las Vegas slip and fall case may be relatively easy. If a worker mops a casino floor and forgets to put up “Caution” signs, a tourist may take a tumble. In this case, the tourist may have grounds for a suit. He or she only has grounds for a suit, however, if an injury was sustained as a result of that fall. Poor lighting, ripped carpeting, and stairs without proper banisters or other safeguards may all be implicated in slip and fall lawsuits.

Establishing Blame for a Slip and Fall

Establishing liability can be a tricky proposition. In order to determine whether a property owner is liable for an injury should you happen to slip and fall on his or her premises, several other things must be proven as well. First, there must be proof that the property owner had control over the dangerous conditions that led to the injury. Second, there must be proof that mitigating the dangerous conditions wouldn’t have been unduly difficult. Lastly, there must be proof that the property owner’s failure to mitigate the dangerous conditions directly resulted in the plaintiff’s injury. If a slip and fall victim can’t establish these things, liability is not a foregone conclusion.

Slip and Fall Cases Are Decided Individually

Accidents happen, and in many instances, carelessness may play a role in those accidents. It’s for precisely this reason that formulaic guidelines for establishing liability in slip and fall cases don’t exist; every case must be decided individually. If you’ve sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident that you believe was caused by a third party’s negligence, it’s important to consult with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas to see if you have a case.