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Whiplash often occurs in an auto accident involving two or more cars. The symptoms you experience now can worsen in the future, making it important that you seek legal counsel sooner rather than later.

Getting Help for Whiplash After an Accident

One of the most common injuries that people suffer from after going through an accident with another car is whiplash. The name comes from the way the head snaps in the seconds after the accident. While you may experience some mild symptoms at first, those symptoms can worsen later. Find out what you should do after the accident and what whiplash can mean to your future.

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a medical condition that refers to the abrupt movement of your head after an accident. When someone strikes you from behind, your head may move forward too quickly and then snap back just as fast. This can cause swelling in your head, neck and shoulders. Though some people experience symptoms at the scene, it may take a few hours before you feel any symptoms. Whiplash can make it hard for you to sit, stand or even lay down for extended periods of time, and it can cause balance issues and lead to excruciating pain too.

Personal Injury Cases

The top injury lawyers have years of experience working on personal injury cases and car accident cases that involve whiplash and other injuries. Legal professionals can help you better understand the differences between emotional pain and suffering and other compensation, which may refer to the money that you lost due to the time you took off work to recover as well as your medical bills. While lawyers often attempt to resolve cases with the responsible driver’s insurer, you may need to file a lawsuit and attend a court hearing to get your compensation.

Whiplash and Auto Accidents

Even the smallest of auto accidents can still leave you dealing with constant pain caused by whiplash. That pain may keep you off from work for several months or even longer. If you suffer from whiplash and have difficult time getting compensation from the responsible party, an attorney may be able to help.