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Learn about three different types of future expenses that you will need to consider when working with your attorney to negotiate an injury settlement with an at-fault party’s insurance company and their lawyers.

Three Future Expenses to Include in Your Injury Settlement Negotiations

When you have been injured due to negligence or an accident, you will have many immediate expenses. While most settlements include the costs of your medical bills and personal property damage, it is also important to consider your potential future costs. You can work with your injury lawyers to make sure that these three categories of future expenses are included in your injury settlement.

Physical Therapy

Part of your negotiation with the at-fault party should include your future need for physical therapy. The goals of physical therapy are to restore your mobility and range of motion and to reduce your pain. If you will need to have several surgeries, you may not be able to begin physical therapy for several months after the surgical care is completed. Ask your medical team for an estimate of the scope of physical therapy that you will need and consider what your costs for the therapy will be. Keep in mind that fees for medical services are increasing at a rate of 10 to 20 percent each year.

Home Modifications

An injury may lead to physical limitations that make it difficult for you to function in your home. Consider a negotiation for the expenses related to home modifications. For example, you may need to remodel your kitchen and bathroom to make it handicap accessible if you need to use a wheelchair due to your injuries after an accident.

Personal Assistance

Severe injuries may require that you hire someone to provide personal assistance with activities that you used to be able to do on your own. The costs of someone to clean your home, run errands, wash your laundry or cook your meals will quickly add up. Be sure to have your attorney include these costs as a part of your settlement. If you have already used these services, be sure to ask for reimbursement.