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Proper organization of relevant personal injury documents and an in-depth knowledge of what each document contains are important to a successful personal injury claim.

Documents You Need to Bring Your Personal Injury Attorney

When dealing with injuries sustained in a car accident, there is a lot of paperwork. You need to be organized. Grab a binder or folder and collect these documents in one secure location.

With all the paperwork you will receive, the question is how you will know which documents are relevant and which documents are not. Skilled injury lawyers may be able to help you categorize and file these documents according to their importance in a secure and easily accessible manner.

Every document you receive is important, but there are three documents in particular that you must bring to your attorney. You should bring these documents to your first consultation. Having the documentation listed below may help your attorney get a jump-start on your personal injury claim.

Exchange of Information Form

First, after an accident, ideally, everyone will exchange information, which will include the contact information and insurance company of the other parties involved. Often, the police will collect this information and give it to you on an Exchange of Information Form. This information is important because it is the only way to correctly identify and contact all parties to the accident. You will need to bring your own insurance information as well.

Hospital Discharge Paperwork

Second, you need to bring your Hospital Discharge Paperwork. Discharge Paperwork functions as a roadmap for your personal injury attorneys, giving them an idea of the extent of the monetary damages that your injuries have and what they will cost you.

Photographs of the Scene of the Accident

Third, bring photographs of the scene of the accident. A photograph can be the difference between winning and losing a personal injury claim. A picture is worth a thousand words, and, conceivably, thousands of dollars in an insurance settlement.