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Being bitten by someone else’s dog can be a traumatic experience. If you, a loved one, or a child in your family were attacked wrongfully by an out-of-control dog, you may be able to take legal action and recover damages from pain and suffering or medical bills. However, this will depend on whether you can prove negligence by the dog’s owner. Below, we will answer some frequently asked questions about dog bites and attacks in Nevada and discuss what to do if you need an attorney.

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What are the laws on dog bites in Nevada?

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Nevada has laws protecting dog bite victims and is known as a “one-bite” state. The state allows a dog bite victim to recover certain forms of compensation on the ground of negligence, based on e.g., Harry v. Smith, 893 P.2d 372, 375 (Nev. 1995). This means that victims are often able to recover financial damages depending on the circumstances surrounding their incident.

Primarily, if the owner of the dog that bit you was negligent and failed to maintain control over their animal, you may be able to file a case against them. To do this, you will need to prove that the owner of the dog was behaving negligently.

Negligence Per Se (as in the 2011 case Kaplan v. Rivera, USDC Nevada, Case No. 3:11-cv-00772) means that they failed to exercise prudence and ordinary care in a situation that led to you being harmed.

How to access recovery and compensation after a dog bite in Nevada?

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Recovery and compensation are attainable under the negligence per se concept. This means that a dog’s owner must have violated laws related to their dog, leading to you or a loved one being harmed. Nevada has many different animal ownership laws that could have potentially been violated. As such, many different legal grounds could be referenced as you seek compensation.

It will all depend on your situation. For example, if the dog’s owner violated the leash law, and then their off-leash dog bit you or your child, you would have grounds for negligence per se. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help you determine exactly which legal grounds apply to your unique case.

What are the leash laws in Nevada?

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Leash laws can vary from community to community in Nevada. If leash laws are in place in an area where a bite occurs (which is commonly the case), the dog’s owner will likely be liable for resulting damages. If the bite took place in a public space, leash law signs may also have been posted. Also, when a dog escapes from someone’s yard and bites somebody, leash laws may be cited as well, even if no signs are posted.

How do Nevada’s dog bite laws work?
Nevada implements a one-bite rule. Some people also consider this the “one free bite” principle. This means that for an unexpected dog bite that occurred in a situation wherein no laws were violated and/or in a case where the dog was not expected to bite, compensation could be difficult to access.
However, if laws were violated or the dog was expected to bite because of previous behavior, certain breed-specific tendencies, or similar knowledge, the owner could be liable for damages. So, if the bite occurred because of a legal breach, ergo, not leashing a dog in a leash-mandated area, or if the dog bit an individual previously, the owner would likely be liable for resulting damages/expenses.

Here is an example. A mother and her child walk in a park with a leash law. A man is jogging with his German Shepherd in the park as well. The child begins running through the park and playing with a ball. Suddenly, the unleashed Shepherd leaves its owner’s side and attacks the child. The child suffers from bites to her leg and forearm and is rushed to the hospital. The man who was running in the park with his dog off-leash would be held liable for any damages (medical bills, counseling, etc.) the child sustained because he failed to maintain prudent control of his animal and violated a law.

In this case, it would not matter if the dog had ever previously bitten anyone before because the owner of the dog was already violating the law by running with his dog off-leash at the park. However, if that dog had already previously bitten somebody, the owner would likely face even more severe consequences.

Do you need a lawyer if a dog in Nevada bites you?
If you were wrongfully attacked by a dog, you might be wondering what to do next. Dog bites can be severe and lead to long-term issues from infections, loss of mobility, and more. This is especially true when canine attacks involve children. As such, you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas to help you prove your claims and win your case. Dog bite injury cases can be fraught with complications. Not only will you need to prove negligence on the part of the dog’s owner, but you will need evidence to substantiate your claims.

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