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Thousands of people are victims of dog attacks every year, but not everyone recovers in the same way. If you were the unfortunate victim of a vicious dog, there are steps you can take with an attorney.

Get Legal Help After a Dog Bite Incident

Even well-behaved dogs can turn vicious in a second. If the dog feels threatened in any way, it might bite you on the face or body. That bite can leave behind a scar that requires plastic surgery and leave you suffering from panic attacks when you are around a dog. With the right attorney, you can fight back and get compensation from the owner of that dog.

Who Is Responsible?

The registered owner of the dog in question is the one responsible for the dog and anything that dog does. Though some states require that you show proof the dog was vicious or that it attacked other people in the past before filing a claim, most states now let you file a claim even if you were the first victim of that dog. You usually have two options regarding what you can do to get compensation from the dog owner.

Insurance Claims

When you talk with injury lawyers after becoming a victim of a vicious dog, the attorneys will likely tell you to file a claim with the dog’s owner’s insurance company. Most homeowners’ policies will cover dog bites and pay for any medical bills that you accumulate because of the bite. If you need additional money to cover your emotional pain, including panic attacks, nightmares and other fears, your attorney may recommend that you file a civil suit. The local police department can also file criminal charges against the dog owner.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

The first step in fighting back after a dog bite is with a consultation with a local attorney. You’ll learn whether you need to show if the dog was vicious, how to find out if the dog owner has insurance to cover your bills and what to do next.