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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

A car accident is always a frightening situation even if it isn’t that serious. You may feel shaken to your core, but there are certain vital steps you must take after a road collision.

Check Yourself and Others

First and foremost, you should check yourself and others in your vehicle. Safety is your number one priority, and you want to ensure that no one is seriously injured. If you or anyone else is injured, try to stay put and don’t move.

Call 911

Immediately call 911 to have police and emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene of the accident. If you have suffered a personal injury, the police accident report can greatly help when you file a claim with Las Vegas injury lawyers. Medical personnel can transport you and others involved in the crash to the hospital to get examined as well.

Exchange Information

Keep the conversation to the barest minimum, but exchange information with the other driver. You should get their name, phone number, license plate and driver’s license number as well as their auto insurance information. Give them your own information as well.

Talk to Witnesses

If there are any witnesses at the scene of the accident, get their names and contact information as well. You may also want to have them write down their account of the crash or record them speaking about it with your smartphone.

Take Pictures

Snap pictures of the scene, including the vehicles and their damages, the road and skid marks, notable road signs and conditions and weather conditions if the weather is poor.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company and inform someone that you’ve been in an accident.

Contact an Attorney

Finally, you should contact a personal injury attorney to get their assistance and expertise.

These steps will help after a car accident. You can protect your well-being and best interests if you plan on filing a legal claim.