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Las Vegas is famous for its vibrant nightlife and stunning stage performances, and the Vegas Strip is a must-see destination for locals and tourists alike. Moreover, the city fosters a bustling and energetic atmosphere. Along with all the entertainment opportunities, Las Vegas has an array of excellent routes for bicyclists.

In fact, the city routes and biking trails surrounding the area are a best-kept local secret! Unfortunately, the safety tips and traffic laws regarding cycling in Las Vegas seem equally as unknown. As such, bicycling injuries are all too common in Las Vegas.

Like with a vehicle, you must follow the law on your bicycle. Moreover, certain safety measures must be taken to ensure you are protected on the roads or local trails. Below, we will review a few helpful safety tips to keep in mind as you ride in the Las Vegas area!

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Inspect Your Bike Before You Ride

bicycle accident attorney in las vegas

This first and simplest safety tip is to inspect your equipment before you ride. Although this tip is uncomplicated, it is often forgotten when bicyclists hit the road. After all, sometimes, it can be hard to squeeze a ride into your day! This is especially true when things are chaotic or if you are in a hurry riding to work. Still, you should always inspect your bike before you blast off.

Before getting on your bicycle, ensure it is in good shape from end to end. Check your tires and reflectors first. This is an especially critical step to take during the hot summer months here in Las Vegas! Temperature fluctuations can cause your tires to lose air, which can, in turn, cause your brakes to malfunction. Also, make sure any chains are attached and working properly. As you head out of the driveway, do a brake check as well.

Simple Cyclist Safety Checklist:

  • Check your crank arms and pedals
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Check stem and headset
  • Check your chain
  • Check your brakes
  • Check wheel quick-releases
  • Check your wheels

Always Be Weather Aware

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Paying attention to local weather conditions is also essential. What will the wind be like? Are there any dust storms in the forecast? What will the highest temperature of the day be? In Las Vegas, temperatures can reach upwards of 110° Fahrenheit in the summer months, which puts you at risk of having a heatstroke.

In fact, if the temperature is expected to be above 106° Fahrenheit, heatstroke can set in under 20 minutes. If you become dehydrated, you could wind up in real danger. If you plan to hit the trails outside of Las Vegas, plan your riding times for the cooler hours of the day whenever possible. Try to be back in the shade when the temperature hits 100° or higher. Remember, if it is too hot outside, skip your ride!

Windy or dusty conditions can also be dangerous to bicyclists. This is because dust storms reduce visibility, meaning motorists will have a more challenging time seeing you on your bike. Wet conditions can be slippery or dangerous as well. So, play it safe and always check to see what the weather is doing before you head out for a bike ride.

Get the Right Gear
If you ride a lot, you probably know about all of the various gear options there are to choose from. The right equipment is one of the most important parts of a safe riding experience, and your most essential and effective piece of riding gear is your helmet.

In Nevada, wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is not a legal requirement. However, it is still strongly recommended. Wearing a helmet can reduce your chances of suffering a serious head injury by as much as 80% according to the CDC. That’s a significant number. Since you never know when an accident will happen, it is best to always wear a helmet whenever you ride a bicycle. Other necessary gear may include a water bottle, clothes that protect from the sun, and pads.

Stay Alert and Ride Defensively

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You have probably heard about defensive driving before. Usually, this means driving vigilantly and alert while assuming that other motorists are a danger to you. For instance, you might want to tell yourself that all other drivers are likely not paying attention. Then, take it upon yourself to be the one who prevents an accident instead of trusting the other person to maneuver their vehicle responsibly.

Defensive maneuvers are equally as important when you are on your bicycle. In fact, many would argue that cycling defensively is even more important when you are on a bike than in a car. This is because a motor vehicle accident involving a cyclist is far more deadly to the bike rider than to the vehicle’s operator. Cycling defensively can help you avoid accidents with drivers and stay safer. Be extra careful when changing lanes or turning left on your bike.

Know the Traffic Laws in Las Vegas
It is also essential to understand the laws in Las Vegas regarding cycling. Many laws that apply to motorcyclists also apply to those on bicycles. However, bicyclists are unique because they can move through traffic conditions more fluidly.

If you have waited through two complete cycles at a red light, you can legally proceed, even if the light is still red. This is because bicycles are small vehicles, and sometimes they cannot trigger the sensors at traffic lights. So, it is legal in Las Vegas to proceed through red lights if you have waited through two full-light cycles. However, if you decide to do this, you should check your surroundings and watch for vehicles. Always follow traffic laws and use bike lanes appropriately.

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