by tfarino



Proof That You Have Been Injured in an Accident

Whether you have been hurt in a car crash, at work or in a slip-and-fall accident, it is important that you have evidence of the incident. To collect compensation in a personal injury case, you will need to show that the injury was the result of negligence. What are some ways that this can be done?

Did Anyone See What Happened?

Obtaining witness statements can make it easier to establish that you were hurt in an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence. For instance, a witness could verify that you were stopped at a red light when your vehicle was hit from behind by a drunk driver. A bystander could also verify that you were hurt after falling on a wet floor and that there was no caution sign indicating slippery conditions.

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

An attorney may be able to use pictures or video from the accident scene to show that negligence caused the accident that led to your injuries. For instance, a picture may show the extent of the crash, which could be enough to verify that your injuries were as severe as you claimed. Video footage could prove that a driver ran a red light or that there was inadequate lighting in a building where an accident occurred.

Talk to an Attorney

If you have been hurt, it is important that you talk to a legal professional as soon as possible. Most personal injury lawyers will consult with you for free to determine if there is a good chance of winning a case. If there is, an attorney may be able to then determine if a case should be settled outside of court or if it is necessary to file a lawsuit.