Fast food establishments are a staple of modern life, offering quick and convenient meals for people on the go. However, there has been a disturbing uptick in incidents involving fast food worker attacks on customers in recent years. These incidents can range from verbal altercations to physical violence, leaving customers and fast food workers distressed.

The Root of the Problem

Customer service employees are often at the forefront of the company, facing a constant stream of customers with varying demands. While most interactions are routine and uneventful, the pressure of fast-paced work, long hours, and low pay can create a tinderbox of frustration for some employees. Common causes of fast food worker attacks include:

  • Customer Complaints: Many incidents start with customer complaints about orders, which can lead to stress and frustration for overworked employees.
  • Low Wages: Workers are often paid minimum wage, making it challenging to make ends meet, causing frustration and stress.

Lack of Training: Inadequate conflict resolution and anger management training can make employees ill-equipped to handle tense situations.

The Impact of From Both Sides

For customers, the physical and emotional toll can be significant. From minor injuries to severe assaults, the trauma of such an incident can be long-lasting, with physical injuries and psychological distress, making it difficult to return to the establishment.
For fast food workers, their actions can have legal and professional consequences. Many face criminal charges and potential job loss, further compounding the issue.

Legal Solutions and Remedies

  • Criminal Charges: In cases of severe violence, criminal charges ensure justice is served.
  • Employee Training: Fast food establishments should invest in employee training, teaching them conflict resolution skills and techniques to handle problematic customers.
  • Owner Accountability: Owners should be held accountable for the behavior of their employees. If an employee’s actions lead to an attack, the establishment can be liable for inadequate training and oversight.
  • Civil Lawsuits: Customers or their families suffering injuries or emotional distress due to an attack may pursue civil lawsuits against the worker and the establishment, helping them recover damages for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Over the last two years, our attornies at MossBerg in Nevada handled dozens of cases concerning individuals who have suffered from attacks by fast-food restaurant employees and retail store workers. A simple customer complaint can escalate into a violent altercation, leading to severe injuries.

In a heartbreaking instance, we advocated for the grieving family of a man who tragically lost his life after a harrowing encounter at a gas station. This devastating incident occurred during a beer theft, resulting in a fatal gunshot wound inflicted by a cashier.
If you or a loved one have experienced an unsettling encounter involving an altercation with a fast food worker, a retail cashier, or a dissatisfied store owner, please know that our dedicated team is here to offer our unwavering support for your case.

Customer service attacks are a concerning trend that affects both customers and workers. While addressing the root causes of these incidents is essential, legal remedies can provide justice and compensation to those who have suffered from such attacks.

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