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Any injuries that you sustain as the result of a defective product may help you file suit against the manufacturer. An attorney can file the lawsuit on your behalf.

Attorneys Assist in Defective Product Lawsuits

When you buy a product from the store, you expect that product to work the way it states on the packaging. Many Americans find themselves injured because of simple products available in thousands of stores. You may be able to get compensation for expenses you have to pay after a defective product injury when you work with an attorney.

What Is a Defective Product?

The legal definition of a defective product states that this is any type of product that does not work the way stated on the packaging or the way the manufacturer intended. Even if you did not use the product according to the manufacturer’s directions, you may still have the chance to file. The manufacturer must assume some amount of liability based on how an average person would use that item. You might suffer burns off a propane grill that you bought, your child might suffer an injury on a new toy, or you might have damage to your home because of a product.

How Much Money Can You Get?

One of the first questions that many individuals ask injury attorneys is how much money they can get after filing this type of lawsuit. It generally depends on the regulations in your state. Many states let you seek compensation for any money you can prove that you spent, including the time you took off work to recuperate and the cost of your medical bills. You may be able to request funds for the emotional pain and suffering that you experienced after your injury.

Hold Manufacturers Responsible

A defective product lawsuit essentially holds the manufacturer responsible for your injury or the injuries sustained by your family. Your attorney will look at the packaging, the product itself, your injuries and what happened in the accident to determine the best action to take.