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Filing a workers compensation claim lets you get financial help from your employer after an accident on the job. You may need the help of a lawyer to successfully obtain compensation.

Working With a Lawyer to File for Workers Compensation

It can take only a fraction of a second for an accident to occur on the job site. That incident might leave you with a concussion, a broken bone or a more serious injury. While you can file for workers compensation on your own, many employees find that the process goes more smoothly when they seek help from a practicing lawyer first.

Proving Your Injury

When you file one of these claims, you must prove and document your injury. Though you might think that a simple trip to the emergency room or your doctor is all you need, you may actually need to meet with several doctors. Make sure that the first doctor you see writes in your file that the incident occurred on the job site. This will prevent your employer from later claiming that you injured yourself at home.

Filing the Claim

Your personal injury lawyer will gather any evidence available from your employer and doctors. The employer should have an incident report on file that clearly explained what happened and what the employer did, including driving you to the hospital or calling 911 for help. Once your lawyer files the claim, the system will use the evidence available to determine the type of compensation you deserve. You may receive money to pay for any medical bills above what your insurance will cover or money that pays your lost wages until you go back to work. The lawyer may also help you ensure that you have a job waiting for you when you recover.

Compensation for Lost Wages and More

A workplace accident can keep you from working for weeks or even more. When you file for workers compensation, you may be able to obtain money to cover your expenses until you go back to work, including your rent, utility bills and medical bills.