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Safe Motoring: Top Three Causes of Car Accidents

Every day, thousands of people are involved in car crashes. To avoid danger on today’s crowded roadways, you must maintain a strong sense of awareness at all times. Great drivers always make safety a big priority. Let’s examine the top three causes of car accidents that could cause a personal injury.

Distracted Driving

Driving a motor vehicle requires a great deal of concentration. While you’re at the wheel, this is definitely not the best time to put on makeup or eat a burger. Of all the driving distractions, your smartphone is at the top of the list. Whether typing out a text message or reading a Facebook post, you will momentarily stop paying attention to the road. This is why experts recommend installing a safe driving app on your phone. It’ll make you less tempted to text while driving.

Drunk Driving

Many states have stiffened their drunk driving laws. Unfortunately, the potential consequences still haven’t stopped some people from driving under the influence. Even having a few beers during happy hour can cause problems. If you want to drink at the bar, call a ride to take you home.


According to an experienced personal injury attorney, speed is a key factor in a lot of auto accidents. This is especially true for drivers who regularly break the posted speed limit. While some people simply love to drive fast, others are likely running behind schedule. Speeding drastically lowers a person’s reaction time and increases your braking distance. Bad weather makes things even worse. In most instances, traveling in the slow lane is a safer option.