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Taking Action If a Friend’s Exotic Pet Bites or Attacks

Many people enjoy owning a pet, but some eschew the traditional dog or cat for something more exotic, such as a snake, monkey or raccoon. If you are visiting a friend and the exotic pet attacks you, it is important to understand your rights under Nevada law. Speaking with injury lawyers after seeking treatment could help you find out if you have a legal case against the owner.

Identify the Animal and Its Origin

The treatment that you need may depend on the type of exotic animal that attacked you. For example, primates carry different bacteria and viruses in their saliva and blood than reptiles do. It is also important to consider the animal’s origin. If the animal was raised in a pet shop or by a reputable breeder, it may be less likely to carry an infectious disease than one that was recently imported.

Get the Animal’s Health History

It is important to obtain a record of the animal’s health history. This might involve quarantine documentation, its place of birth or the breeder or importer’s information. If the animal has bitten or attacked a person in the past, this is also important information. If your friend will not provide those details to you, a consultation with an attorney is important. You might also consider reporting the situation to a local health department, department of agriculture and animal control.

Get Treatment and Insurance Benefit Information

Exotic animals carry bacteria, parasites and viruses that are different from those in domesticated animals. When you seek treatment, provide the physician with as much information as possible. Get documentation of your treatment. Try to obtain the insurance information from your friend. His or her homeowner’s insurance policy may help with payment.