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Many employees suffer hand or wrist injuries that affect their working capabilities. Consulting with an attorney for advice may help you better understand your options.

Seeking Compensation After a Hand or Wrist Injury at Work

Workers’ compensation cases make up a sizable number of cases that Las Vegas injury attorneys take. People often assume that back, neck and shoulder injuries are the most disabling. However, injuries involving hands or wrists can have a severe effect on a person’s ability to work. If you are not able to get prompt compensation, you might have to face a long fight.

Why These Injuries Can Be Serious

An injured hand can be a serious problem for an employee because of all the small bones involved. When a fracture has occurred, even low-impact movements may become quite painful. If your job requires lifting, having a hand injury makes things all the more difficult. You will want to make sure that you do not run the risk of further injuring your hand.

Wrist Injuries

An injured wrist also comes with several problems that can make working impossible. Employees with jobs that require many repetitious movements may develop issues like carpal tunnel, which makes certain tasks, such as typing, difficult. Depending on the severity of the disability, surgery may be necessary to restore needed function.

Why Having an Attorney May Make the Difference

When you are facing a workers’ compensation case, you are likely to affront a lot of opposition from your employer’s insurance company. Many try to start a compensation claim and have it denied or otherwise challenged. An attorney could prove helpful in bringing your case to a better resolution.