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Every individual makes a decision to stay safe, but at times an accident occurs and requires the assistance of a professional injury lawyer to make things right.

How to Handle Unforeseen Accidents

There are countless reports of accidents occurring every day within the United States. Though each individual makes a conscientious attempt to remain safe, at times events beyond control are inevitable. When a citizen is involved in a mishap caused by an inebriated driver or an unruly canine, it’s time to contact an accident lawyer in Las Vegas.

Drivers Under the Influence

The dangers of drinking and driving are preached consistently, yet fatalities still continue to occur. In 2014 alone, over 4,500 Las Vegans were arrested for intoxicated driving. A study conducted by the National Public Services Research Institute indicates that motorists opt to drive incapacitated when no other form of transportation is available, or the driver fails to recognize the amount of alcohol consumption. A driver involved in this unfortunate happening should take pictures, contact the police, and seek legal advice by calling a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

The Neighborhood Dog

At times, even an animal can pose a threat to safety. Today, many insurance companies are leery of providing coverage to homeowners with pets possessing vicious tendencies. In Nevada, the dog owner is solely responsible for the mischief and liability created by the pet. An injured party can take legal action for physical damages up to two years after the occurrence. Persons assaulted by an unruly pet should attempt to locate the owner of the animal, take pictures of the injury, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Stay Safe

No one chooses to take part in a vehicular collision or encounter an angered animal, but on occasion these occurrences are unavoidable. Ultimately, the best solution is to make a conscious effort to stay alert and attempt to avoid potential hazards. But when due diligence still takes a back seat to an unforeseen situation, one can only make the best attempt to stay safe and know there is an injury professional available to ensure a just compensation is awarded.