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If you’ve been engaged in a hit-and-run accident, you should call a hit-and-run attorney in Las Vegas, NV, right away. It is commonly known that it is illegal and against the law to leave the scene of a car accident. Still, hit-and-run accidents occur more frequently than most people realize. 

Getting hit by a car, bike, scooter, or pedestrian can all lead to injuries. Hit-and-run accidents can be more upsetting because of the additional uncertainty of obtaining compensation for injuries sustained4. 

If you were the victim of a hit-and-run, you are entitled to total compensation for your losses. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be eligible for compensation for lost income, emotional suffering, and medical costs.

How Can a Las Vegas Hit-and-Run Lawyer Help?


Seeking compensation following a hit-and-run incident can be challenging, yet a skilled Las Vegas hit-and-run attorney can assist by:

  • Legal Guidance: Clarifying your entitlements and the choices at your disposal
  • Medical Assistance: Facilitating your access to necessary healthcare for recovery
  • Independent Inquiry: Undertaking a thorough probe into the hit-and-run
  • Evidence Gathering: Amassing proof to pinpoint the fleeing motorist
  • Expert Analysis: Collaborating with specialists in accident reconstruction to deduce the cause of the mishap and bolster your compensation claim
  • Insurance Liaison: Handling all communications with insurance firms for you
  • Settlement Negotiation: Advocating for a comprehensive and equitable reparation on your behalf
  • Trial Representation: Advancing your case to court if it is deemed the optimal route to secure the most favorable outcome for you.

Essential Steps to Finding the Right Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada


Your Case depends on how your lawyer manages it, so here is a list of some essential steps on how to find the right lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada:

  • Understanding the Need for Focused Expertise in a Lawyer

When initiating your search, prioritize finding an attorney with a dedicated practice in hit-and-run incidents. This focus is essential, as it provides a deep insight into Nevada’s specific legal landscape and the intricate details of such cases. An attorney with this focus will bring a wealth of experience handling similar situations and possess the skills to overcome the typical hurdles associated with hit-and-run claims.

An attorney concentrating on hit-and-run accidents will also have built strong connections with community law enforcement and possess comprehensive knowledge of collaborating with insurance firms to safeguard your interests and secure your rightful compensation.

  • Research and Referrals

Initiating your hunt with detailed research is vital in locating an attorney equipped with the necessary skills. Explore online resources such as legal directories and search platforms to discover law practices and lawyers focused on hit-and-run incidents in Las Vegas. Scrutinize their expertise, specialization, and the details shared on their online profiles.

The value of personal recommendations should be noticed. Inquire with acquaintances, relatives, or professional peers for known attorneys with a niche in hit-and-run cases or a notable standing in personal injury law.

  • Evaluating Lawyer Credentials: Reviews and Testimonials

As you narrow down your choices for legal representation, thoroughly assess their standing in the community through reviews and testimonials. These insights can be sourced from the attorney’s website, dedicated legal review platforms, and various social media channels. Focus on feedback regarding the lawyer’s proficiency in handling hit-and-run incidents, client communication style, and general contentment with case resolutions.

Pay close attention to the attorney’s response to feedback, particularly any criticisms. This will offer a glimpse into their professionalism and commitment to client service.

  • First Meeting and Inquiry Preparation

Once you’ve selected potential lawyers, the first essential action is to schedule a meeting with them. This encounter serves a dual purpose: it allows you to share your case specifics and evaluate the lawyer’s suitability for your needs. Observe their communication style and level of engagement and insight regarding your situation.

Before the consultation, prepare a set of inquiries. These should encompass the lawyer’s familiarity with hit-and-run incidents, strategy for interacting with insurers, track record of success, and proposed communication method with you during the case proceedings.

  • Understanding Fee Arrangements

Understanding the fee arrangements is a pivotal aspect of selecting an attorney. In Las Vegas, lawyers specializing in hit-and-run incidents typically work on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement means they receive compensation only if you secure a victory in your case, taking a predetermined portion of the settlement or court award. Such an agreement ensures that your lawyer’s interests are closely tied to your success. It’s crucial to clearly understand the lawyer’s fee percentage and any additional charges that may arise.

Inquire about expenses that the contingency fee may not cover, such as court-related expenses, administrative charges, and expert testimony fees. A lawyer who values transparency will provide a detailed breakdown of their fee structure, providing clarity and preventing unforeseen expenses later.

  • Make your own decision

It’s time to decide after researching your options, talking to different lawyers, and learning about their fees. Picking the right lawyer for your hit-and-run case depends on how much you trust their skills, how well you get along with them, and how much you believe they can help you.

Contact a Hit and Run Lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada, Today!


After a hit-and-run in Las Vegas, Nevada, choosing the appropriate lawyer is an important decision that can have a significant impact on how your case turns out. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a hit-and-run, do not go through this challenging time alone. 

Contact Moss Berg Injury Lawyers today for a consultation. Let us be your advocate and guide you through this difficult time. We can work together to obtain the justice and compensation you require to continue.