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If you are injured while using public transportation such as a bus, you might not know what to do. An attorney may be able to represent you in the event of an injury accident that happens on mass transit systems.

Protecting Your Rights After an Injury Accident on Mass Transit

Riding the bus to work, to school or around the city is a great way to save money and be environmentally friendly. However, the public transportation system is not immune to crashes and other types of accidents. If you experience an injury accident while on mass transit, contacting injury attorneys can help you make sure that your rights are protected under the law.

Get a Police Report

If you are injured while using mass transit, be sure to get a copy of the police report while you are still on the scene. If the law enforcement officers are unable to give you a full report at the time of the incident, ask for a business card and have them write the incident number on the card. The officer’s contact information will be on the card, which could help you in the future if you need testimony of your condition at the scene.

Take Photos

Use your phone to take photos at the scene of the bus accident if you are safely able to do so. Having these photos available could help your case in the future. You may wish to take photos of the damage to any vehicles and your injuries. If there were any traffic signs or lane closures in the area, you may also want to take photos of those areas.

Get Witness Contact Information

If possible, collect witness contact information. Having the names and phone numbers of the other people on the bus may help you if you need to take your injury accident claim to court. You may also wish to get the name of the mass transit driver. These people may be called to testify about the public transportation accident if your case goes to trial.