Do You Have a Valid Personal Injury Claim?

Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time, and with them comes personal injury. If you have gotten injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or even intentional act, you may want to file a claim for damages. However, knowing whether you have a legitimate personal injury case may sometimes be unclear.

Consider the Severity of Your Injuries

Injuries can occur. Sometimes, they might be very minor, but other times, they can be severe and even debilitating. If someone else caused you to suffer an injury, such as after a car accident or slip and fall in a store, you might want to consider filing a lawsuit. At the same time, you must ensure that your injuries are serious enough to warrant recovering compensation. For example, after you suffered your personal injury, did you have a hospital stay with a sizable hospital bill?

Have Your Losses Been Compensated?

In many personal injury claims, especially those involving car accidents, the at-fault driver’s insurance policy should cover the damages you suffered as a result. In many cases, your own insurance may also cover issues like medical expenses and ongoing treatment. However, if your injuries have also caused additional problems like pain and suffering or loss of quality of life, you may want to file a claim against the person for those damages as they cannot be claimed through an insurance company.

The Strength of Your Personal Injury Case

One thing the best accident lawyer in Las Vegas has to offer would consider is the strength of your personal injury claim. It’s important to determine whether the other driver or at-fault party is truly legally responsible for the accident and your subsequent personal injury. If it is not a clear-cut case of liability on the part of the other party, you might not have a legitimate injury claim.

The best way to know whether you truly have a legitimate claim for damages stemming from your injury is to discuss your case with an attorney. It’s the wisest course of action to ensure you are compensated for your damages.