If you’re in an accident, you may find that you need to file a supplemental auto insurance claim. Here’s what you should know.

Car Accidents and Insurance Supplements

One reason that you may want to get in touch with a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas after being in a car accident is that you may find yourself arguing with an insurance company over a supplement to your claim. If an insurance company denies a supplement, you may find yourself having to pay for vehicle repairs out of pocket.

What Is an Insurance Supplement?

When you are in an automobile accident, it is likely that your vehicle will be damaged. You’ll normally get an estimate from a body shop, an insurance adjuster or both for the repair of your vehicle. A supplement is necessary when the estimates don’t include the cost of repairing additional damage that wasn’t originally noted.

When You Need a Supplement

The main reason that a supplement will be required is that there’s hidden damage where adjusters or body shop technicians cannot see it. One common example of hidden damage is destruction of the vehicle’s frame since it often can’t be found until components of your vehicle are removed. Another frequent cause for a supplement is when it’s discovered that it’ll take much longer to fix a vehicle than expected.

Requesting a Supplement

The method for requesting a supplement often depends on whether you are working with an auto insurance company or whether a repair shop is working directly with the insurance company. If you’re working with your insurer, you’ll need to get the updated estimate and submit it to the insurance company; auto repair shops usually handle this if they’re the ones working with the insurance provider. Should an insurance supplement be denied, it can be a good idea to obtain assistance from a lawyer.