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Are You Liable for Your Injuries In an Accident?

In a car accident case or any other accident, the person who caused it to occur may not be solely liable for your injuries. The state of Nevada uses what is known as a contributory negligence system when deciding how much compensation an injured victim may be entitled to. This means that you are only entitled to damages if another party bears the majority of the responsibility for causing it.

How You Could Have Contributed to Your Injuries

You could incur liability in an accident if you took any negligent or reckless actions prior to it occurring. For instance, if you were talking on a phone when your vehicle was struck by another driver, a jury may find that you could have avoided the accident if you weren’t on the phone. A jury may also find that you could have avoided a slip and fall by noticing the giant puddle on the floor that everyone else walked around.

Were You Allowed on the Premises?

Say that you slipped on a wet floor or tripped on a cracked sidewalk. If you weren’t allowed on the premises to begin with, the property owner may not assume full responsibility for what happened. However, if you were an invited guest or otherwise had reason to be in a store or at someone’s house, the law says that the owner has a duty to protect you. However, the law also says that you have to take reasonable steps to keep yourself safe.

An Attorney May Help in Your Case

An accident lawyer in Las Vegas may be able to take steps to keep a victim’s liability to a minimum. This might make it easier to obtain the compensation needed to pay bills, cover medical expenses and provide for dependents after an accident.