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Navigating Snow-Covered Roads Safely

For many, snow provides an opportunity to go skiing, sledding or snowshoeing. It may also provide the kids an opportunity to make a fort, a snowman or a snow angel. However, it also means driving on roads that are covered by the slippery substance. Let’s look at some ways that drivers can get to their destinations safely even when the road conditions are less than ideal.

Reduce Your Speed and Increase Your Following Distance

It can be much harder to stop when the road has a layer of snow on it. Therefore, be sure to reduce your speed and increase your following distance. While some accidents may be unavoidable, doing so can reduce the chance of an accident taking place. It can also make it less likely that you have to come to a complete stop, which can be dangerous if you are on a hill or trying to ease around a corner with little traction. If you are in an accident, personal injury lawyers may help you to preserve your rights in its aftermath.

Put the Right Tires on Your Vehicle

It is important that you have the right tires on your vehicle to handle the winter road conditions. This may mean putting winter tires on your car or truck. It may also mean putting chains on the tires if you are going to be driving in higher elevations or in steep terrain. Furthermore, be sure that your tires are properly inflated and are free from damage before you go out.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

Whenever you are driving in inclement weather, be sure to watch out for pedestrians. They may also have trouble staying upright when crossing a street or walking to their car in the parking lot. Therefore, it is important that you constantly watch for those who are walking or biking when the weather takes a turn for the worse.