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What to Avoid When Filing a Claim for an Injury

People don’t often prepare to be injured or practice the procedures that they must take right after a preventable accident. Therefore, when the unthinkable happens, it is quite a shock. This leads to mistakes being made and the process of receiving compensation being that much more difficult on yourself and your attorney. The following list includes some of the biggest mistakes people make before filing a personal injury claim.

Lack of Medical Records

One of the costliest mistakes people tend to make before filing a claim is having little to no records regarding the accident. This stems not from forgetfulness rather from the belief that they are “not that injured.” Oftentimes, when people take a bad fall, their adrenaline will kick in and prevent them from experiencing any sort of instant pain. This leads them to say no to a medical visit. The fact is that you may have injuries that will not show themselves until later on. These could include spinal and head trauma, to name a few. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas would advise clients to always seek medical attention and obtain medical records regarding your accident.

Waiting Too Long to File a Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to civil court matters, there is, in fact, a time limit for filing claims. This is most commonly referred to as a statute of limitations. This time limit is different within every state, but the usual time allowed to file is two years from the time of your accident. After that, you will be forfeiting your right to file for current or future compensation.

Posting on Social Media

Trust us. Once you file for an injury claim, you will be under a microscope from not only the company being taken to court, but also all the insurance companies associated with the claim. This is because they want to know that what you are claiming is true. Thus, if you claim that you have trouble walking but post on social media carrying a heavy ice cooler to your pick up, then that might not fare well in court, even if the cooler was empty. Our recommendation here is to avoid posting on social media, there are other means of connecting with family and friends.