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How to Refute Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

In a car, work or any other type of personal injury case, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. However, the person or entity who you say caused those damages may present evidence designed to show that you’re liable for you own injuries. Let’s look at some ways that you can dispute this evidence in arbitration or at trial.

Cast Doubt on Evidence by Questioning a Person’s Reason for Testifying

There are many reasons why a person may testify in a personal injury case. For instance, an individual may be a paid witness who is hired to help obtain a favorable result for his or her client. An attorney may be able to cast doubt on this person’s credentials in an effort to erode that expert’s credibility in the eyes of an arbiter or a juror.

Show Proof That a Photo or Video Was Doctored

It is relatively easy for a person to edit a photo or video. This may be done in an accident case to make it look like a defendant stopped at a red light or took other action despite not actually doing so. An accident lawyer in Las Vegas may be able to hire an expert witness to point out changes made to a photo or video .

An Attorney in Your Personal Injury Case Could Ask for Evidence to Be Thrown Out

If there are questions about the validity of evidence in a case, it could be thrown out. This means that it won’t be considered by a jury or otherwise used to determine the outcome of a civil matter. It is worth noting that you may still collect compensation even if you’re deemed partially liable for causing an accident.